Robert J. More 2008 S. Blue Island Chicago, IL 60608 312 455-8385 U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald Dirksen Federal Building 219 S. Dearborn St. Chicago, IL, 60603 10/17/02 Dear Mr. Fitzgerald, Sorry, for the ignorance in regard to the line spacing on this computer program. Given the gravity of the situation regarding the harm caused by the felonies in regard to which this correspondence is composed & conveyed, its author humbly requests that the problem be imputed to a character defect in its author, as somehow it has to be presumed that the problem should have been corrected earlier, & the author can present no legitimate excuses for either his present condition of ignorance nor for the paltry contribution he has thus far made to the elimination of the terror & violence that presently besieges this Country. The purpose of my presenting this document to your office is to provide the notice contained in the Notification…. component of this document & to request that someone from your office either provide confirmation of the legal legitimacy of the “Bounty Fund Project” component of it or any objections to claims that RJM & the DNRCPN are making regarding the claimed legal legitimacy of it to either RJM or the DNRCPN either at the address enumerated supra or via email at which is the address of the website of the DNRCPN which website address is The matters in regard to which both of the entities that are included infra are so included, are of the gravest magnitude. RJM is acknowledging that there is much & very much judicial activity, prosecutorial activity (not from your office since you have been in office to the extent of RJM’s knowledge), & general lawyering activity, that has been & is being, conducted, in Chicago according to presumptively malicious & felonious standards at an incalculable cost to the members of the Non-slavemaster Class, & to the social order at large. RJM like so many other members of this Class is becoming ever more informed of just how bad the problems at issue are. RJM is also continuing to recognize & admit that he possesses no true right to neglect to contribute what he can to the elimination of the cannibalism & treason that has become the defining feature of the activity of non-atypical judges, county prosecutors & lawyers in general. Whether or not someone from your office even bothers to read this is not a matter for which I will be held accountable. What I have done in the past & will do in the future in regard to these pressing moral & social problems will either beneficially or detrimentally affect my prospects at my upcoming accountability appointment. In summation, the local court systems & the local bar are in a disastrous condition, in which most every activity conducted, in regard to which the author of this correspondence is cognizant, is conducted according to the Reign of Terror, rather than the Rule of Law, Standard. What are being created from the activity of these entities are social problems that will seriously & sadly, probably tragically, deleteriously affect this area & the Country for years to come. As JFK opined: “Those that make peaceful change impossible, make violent Notification to Any Representative of Any Law Enforcement Entity (Whether Such Entity Generally Succeeds in Enforcing Laws Justly or, as is Lamentably Usually the Case in this God-forsaken Period - Actually Usually if not Always, Ends up Enforcing & Preserving Iniquity Under the Color of Law) Whose Activity Should Ever Bring Him or Her into Contact of Any Kind with the Activity of the DNRCPN or RJM - the Webmaster for this Site - that if Such Representative Finds Him or Her(self) in Conflict with Either the DNRCPN or RJM, that it Must be Presumed that the Source of Such Conjectural Conflict is that the Activity of Such Conjectural Individual is at Such Conjectural Juncture Being Conducted According to What Can be Identified to Constitute the "Reign of Terror Standard"(see Chapter 17), & that the Activity of Either the DNRCPN &/or RJM - its Webmaster - is Being Conducted According to What Can be Identified to Constitute "The Rule of Law Standard" & that Such Conjectural Representative Would in Such Conjectural Case be Unjustifiably & Presumptively Illegally Interfering with the Rule of Law Defending, Constitution Defending, Justice Defending, Activity, of Either the DNRCPN &/or that of RJM, if He or She Were to Continue to Refuse to Accede to the Just Demands that Either the DNRCPN &/or RJM Would in a Conjectural Conflict Scenario Posit, & that Any Such Type Conjectural Refusal Would Elicit the Non-discretionary Filing of Federal Felony Complaints, Writs of Quo Warranto & Federal Civil Rights Claims for Both Monetary Damages & Injunctive Relief in Regard to Any & All Unjustifiable Harm-Causing Actual Duty-Breaches Committed & /or That Might Prospectively Be Committed & that Thus, it Might Behoove Such Type Representative to Obtain Legal Counsel from an "Atypical" (as Distinct from a "Non-atypical") Attorney, Before Continuing to Interfere With any Activity that Either the DNRCPN &/or RJM Might at Any Juncture Be Conducting. Neither the DNRCPN nor RJM or Any Other Non-officer or Officer Member Would Ever Endeavor to "Set Anyone (or Any Entity) Up", but Neither is it the Case, that Anyone Affiliated with the DNRCPN Would Hesitate to Collect Monetary Damages for Any Duty-Breach Ever Committed & this Notice Serves Among Other Purposes, that of Circumventing Defenses to Claims that May Later Have to be Filed that Any Activity Affiliated with Either the DNRCPN or Conducted by RJM, Contributed to the Causing of a Breach of a Duty or Constituted Culpable Negligence in Regard to Any Alleged Non-mitigation of Damages Caused by Any Duty Breach Ever Committed Wherein the DNRCPN &/or its Webmaster, RJM Would Succeed in Proving that any Injury Incurred was Imputable to Such Duty-Breach. Read Entirety of Document . BOUNTIES TO BE COLLECTED – ANOTHER MODEST PROPOSAL TO HOPEFULLY RENDER THE TYPE OF DOMESTIC INSURRECTION, JUSTICE SCALIA ENCOURAGED (GREGORIAN UNIVERSITY, 1996), UNECESSARY. A Bounty on the successful criminal prosecution &/or removal from office of (fill in the name here )….provided no not morally justifiable means would ever be used to accomplish the objective, & that neither civilly unlawful (according to the present status of the civil law – last updated 9/26/02) means not including the utilization of physical force nor civilly unlawful means including the utilization of physical force, nor until public declaration could be adequately promulgated {ie at a threshold level of compliance in regard to the requirements of such type promulgation (cf. DDE, Just War Doctrine, Pope Leo XIII’s prohibition on weapons based dueling )} to the contrary in this regard – lawful - means including the utilization of physical force - would be employed to accomplish the objective –pending confirmation of the legality of such arrangement from appropriate civil authorities or an explanation explaining why such arrangement would not be legally permissible, given the seriousness of the problems of judicial & other governmental & of lawyer & corporate criminality that presently plague this God-forsaken, all but entirely heartless, abominable & despicable country, with all of the destructive & dreadful consequences that result to the members of society & to the social order corresponding to the commission of felonies with impunity approach that is now the customary modus operandi of most of the activity of such entities - that is promulgated such that any such explanation as that to which reference has been made supra demonstrate that any arrangement emanating from any consideration of this proposal would be established & maintained at what can be identified to constitute a threshold level of compliance with the requirements of the moral law standard & not just what has now (9/26/02) become the customary practice of government responses to petitions for the redress of grievances – token or no consideration, evasion of the responsibility to consider the problems addressed, scandalous manifestations of an entirely unjustified concern to protect one’s own hide regardless of how much dereliction of duty is involved in accomplishing the objective & the general despicable ostrich with head-in-sand, Pontious Pilate washing of the hands of one’s own responsibility for the problems that ever increasingly are dragging this country ever deeper into the abyss of no return. The bounty funds will be paid out of wrongful death insurance on Robert J More, should RJM no longer be on the earth to fight the treachery, treason, barbarism, cannibalism against which this arrangement has been established. The bounty funds will be paid out of funds held in an account for the purposes of making such type payments to those who provide society the great service of eliminating from public office, the conducting of activity in certain spheres of activity &/or societal circulation, the likes of the Hitler’s Stalins, Clinton’s, (name your despotic judge, bureaucrat, iniquity-enforcement officer, or neighborhood legal practitioner here …… if you are just waking up to the problem you can check & from there, several other websites to obtain dossiers on some of the worst offenders) et al that have been inflicting such incalculable damage on society for so long & whose activity poses such an ominous threat to the welfare of all children under seven (the innocent) & beyond that, to everything not both cold-blooded & venomous & to everything God does not outrightly hate, & beyond that to every principle upon which the very concept of a civilized society is based, if RJM is still alive at the time of the accomplishment of the objective identified supra, & can obtain funding for the enterprise, or the payments will at least be pledged out of the monetary awards that will eventually be obtained either before or after RJM’s death, from several civil rights suits, which in a minimally adequately aligned system would be cannot lose suits, but which in any court under the jurisdiction of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, may take twenty years to win, even several years after RJM’s death, & which awards may have to be obtained from settlements from the World Court or via vigilante-based confiscations &/or via domestic insurrection, if ultimately after all avenues of redress other than such avenues are exhausted, recovery still has not been accomplished, as the non-recovery of such awards is simply not an option. To emphasize & re-emphasize – these bounty awards will be paid, one way or another or at the very least, no one will ever see RJM doing anything unless & until each & every award earned is paid in full. To anyone who would take on the burden of helping clean up the disastrous mess that is the governmental structure of this country, & the legal & corporate spheres via participation in this program, entirely gratuitously, all the more blessings to him or her – he or she can send any bounties earned to other soldiers elsewhere in battle as the war for re-liberation of this country will not be something other than a long drawn-out engagement – indeed, in truth it has been for those who have fought it & always will, be a never ending struggle until Christ returns. All complaints against any government actor, attorney, banker or corporate director will be docketed so that others can contribute to a given bounty, provide further information on the individual bountied, join their own complaints to a given dossier & join in a given bounty pursuit. Every confidence will be kept, as the highest single priority, after avoiding violating the requirements of God’s law, of the enterprise. Any & all observations & suggestions as to how combatting & eliminating the problems herein addressed might be accomplished more easily &/or expeditiously than by the agenda/proposal contained herein would be most well-received, as this proposal is only one individual’s response to the monstrously abominable & now entirely intolerable conditions in government & society, especially in the judiciary, in the legal profession & in corporate circles that he has encountered. To the still timid or covetous who would hold onto some niggardly connection to a home or car or job – RJM invites each to remember the case of Lot’s wife & that matters are much worse than the gratification seekers could possibly apprehend. “Soylent Green” is people & the U.S is no longer a non-slavery country – this is a simple fact at this point. Obviously, the larger the donations to such type fund that would be provided, the more barbarians & cannibals can be removed & punished, but this fund will never have a remorseful donor – any donation ever made will be refundable until a given bounty is paid, & after that repaid out of any contributions that might ever be later received. Too much is too much – the time has long since passed for passively countenancing the types of abuses, crimes & atrocities to which American citizens are daily subjected in the presently prevailing demonically dominated status quo. Again to reiterate - Any & all bounties will be as fully indemnified as can be accomplished, except if a party to whose possessions &/or prerogatives &/or privileges a bounty of one sort or another had been affixed would be found to be physically injured or deceased, in which case a claimant to such conjectural bounty would have to establish innocence of any connection to such development at a standard of not having been convicted of any crime corresponding to such conjectural condition & would have any bounty paid subject to recall upon such type conviction. Vengeance is God's & He will repay in due time (Rom. 12:19, Heb. 12:30). The DNRCPN seeks only justice, in this case the component type part to which reference is made as "retributive justice", & the restoring of the conditions damaged by duty breaches & crimes, precluding any motiviations of revenge for such wrongs committed, whatsoever. Co-stewards are presently being sought to co-steward the funds involved in this venture (More responsible stewards reduces Lucifer’s prospects of corrupting the venture). (This venture has been submitted &/or will be submitted shortly to various civil authorities for comment & approval or notification of the denial of approval). Please check back at a later date for updated information. Ad lucem, per crucem, spe, en defenso de Christianorum per aeternitatem, per praesidio de Coram Immaculatum de Beatae Maria, Mater Dei, Semper Virgenem, For the Demonstratively Non-counterfeit Roman Catholic Protection Network Robert J. More – Associate Administrative Assistant to the Chief Accountability Monitor Pro-tem.