Robert J. More

2008 S. Blue Island, #39

Chicago, IL 60608

312 455-8385


U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Dirksen Federal Building

219 S. Dearborn St.

Chicago, IL, 60603                                                                                                      3/31/03

Dear Mr. Fitzgerald,

You received letters from me in the summer and fall of 2002 (same header spacing problems)  concerning  the corruption and criminality with which the geographical region in which you have been appointed to prosecute cases is veritably crawling. The situation only continues to deteriorate daily. To understate the case, the conditions of  this region, like those of  the world at large, are right out of  Romans, Ch. 1 and  2 Tim. Ch. 3. Can anyone looking at this situation possibly question why it is clearly affirmed in the Book of  Genesis that “God regretted that he made man? (Gen. 6:7).”

This correspondence regards the enclosed six page presentation and monetary offer correlative thereto. On Judgment Day there will not be anywhere for anyone to hide his head and claim that he had not possessed knowledge of  the crimes and atrocities that were committed in the period in which he was conducting activity in  a given place in a given position – at least not for those who will have deliberately implemented measures to retain claims of  inculpable ignorance, lest the obtention of knowledge regarding the scope of a given problem would necessitate one’s considering the issue of  a duty to correct it or at least fight it.. On the contrary, each will have to answer not only for sins of  commission, but for sins of  omission and obviously, the world could not possibly be in such a disastrous state, if there were not so many of  both sins of commission being committed and conditions left in place from sins of  omission, as is lamentably the case as there are at present.

You may not even bother to read the accompanying document, or you may and then find it  disturbing or you may already know about everything in it. In the alternative, maybe you have knowledge that Alex Jones lacks in this regard. In any case, since you are in a position from which you could do comparatively immense good to contribute to preventing the Globalist Takeover or comparatively immense evil in preventing those, like myself who are committed to preventing it from happening from doing what we can to prevent it, and which we with eternal salvation in the balance, must be committed to accomplishing – ie the prevention of  the Takeover, I did not see that I had a choice except to send you this letter.

I have five or six tapes make by Alex Jones and others on the attempted Takeover. As circumstances have developed, I cannot immediately send them to you or deliver them to you. Given the evil that you are in a position to help prevent, getting them to you is a priority.You would be more than welcome to notify me if you would be willing to view them, and when I get



an extra copy of  each again, I would be only too happy to give you copies of  each, if you notified me of an interest.

In any case, at some juncture, I must chronicle your response to this and past letters, and if  that response is a non-response, then that is what I must chronicle, in fairness to those to whom I owe duties of  care. If a convincing explanation was provided to me as to why no such chronicling ought be provided  of the nature of  your response/non-response in the website of  the DNRCPN, I would forego including such therein.

For what it is worth, I do not see how the prosecution of  Scott Fawell could be justified given the records of  criminality of  criminals occupying judicial positions right in the building in which you work. Nor do I support the prosecution of any act committed against a pro-abortion government official. Howsoever unjustified Hale’s conduct no doubt was (as he lacked the authority to do what he allegedly did), the damage done to the social order by a pro-abortion judge renders him or her with absolutely no claim to any protection of  any law. In fact, society desperately needs the Woods, Posners, Keys, Gottschalls and Pallmeyers, et al, removed from office as they are wrecking destruction on everything in their paths and I presume Lefkow would not have any qualms about slitting a warm-blooded throat either. These specimens need to be shown the door as soon as possible.

To be honest, for you to not lift a finger against even abortion, much less the horrific agenda of  the Globalists (if I am incorrect in this regard, I ask forgiveness for rash judgment), leaves me in all fairness to those entitled to various forms of consideration from me, needing to  question your priorities. What will Senator Fitzgerald have to present to God on Judgment Day – the plans to expand Ohare Airport?

I continue to pray for your conversion to Non-counterfeit Catholicism and that you use the power of the office you occupy in such manner to save your eternal soul, while so many on all sides continue down the wide path to perdition. If you will not use it for meritorious purposes, I pray that you will not interfere with the efforts of  those of  us, who cannot remain silent in the face of  the crimes and abominations that are the standard fare of this God-forsaken period of history, especially the Takeover with its plans for the forced elimination of  80% of  the world’s population and the enslavement of  whomever is left.

Ad lucem, per crucem,   spe, en defenso de Christianorum per aeternitatem, per praesidio de Coram Immaculatum de Beatae Maria, Mater Dei, Semper Virgenem,

For the Demonstratively Non-counterfeit Roman Catholic Protection Network

Robert J. More – Associate Administrative Assistant to the Chief Accountability Monitor Pro-tem.