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Notice of 1/11/14, Augmented and Transmitted on 5/6/14 D/L - #2

For those who have shown mercy need have no fear of judgment (James 2:13), but will have stored up something against the wrath to come (Matt. 25:41 et seq), in order to keep from encountering that most terrifying of all fates - that of "falling into the hands of the Living God" (Heb. 10:31).

Office of General Counsel

University of "Notre Dame" (the abomination drenched in innocent blood

that continues to exploit its statute of the Mother of God for the

most vicious, appalling and shameful purposes – indisputably an instrument of the genocide of the goyim in progress and a menace to everything that His Omnipotence, Christus Rex, can still justify not hating) - indisputably, a Tob Shebbe Goyim Harim institution to the heart of the heart to the core.

Attn. Ms. Claire Agotti

President of UND, Presbyter John "Judas" Jenkins

Sheriff of St. Joseph County, IN Police ("SJCP"), SJCP - SJCP Sgt. Matthew Blanc, and Cpl Mario Corovas and all of whatever other Head-busting, Door Kicking In, Face Bashing In (as long as no resistance would be encountered), Prostitute-Butchers involved in the false arrest and imprisonment, criminal seizure and battery of Robert J. More on 5/17/09

Superior Court of St. Joseph County, IN (“SCSCJI”) Judge M. Scopelitis

SJSJCI Judge D. Chapleau

St. Joseph County, IN Prosecutor M. Dworak

Asst. SJC, IN Prosecutor W. Wannecke

NDSP Phillip Johnson, D. Dossman, Pavnica, Schirripa, Fleck and and whatever other NDSP Prostitute-Butchers involved in the false arrest and imprisonment, seizure and battery of Robert J. More on 5/17/09

USA Today, USA Today Reporter ...


To Whom It May Concern,

The entirety of the contents of the documents which Robert J. More ("RJM") has sent to those listed herein at any and all juncture(s) prior to that at which this document has been sent whereto, respectively, are incorporated herein by reference as if fully set forth herein.

The purpose of the conveyance of this document to those to whom it has been conveyed has simply been to maintain the continuity in the resolution of the disputes and remedying of the unjustifiably caused injuries this document concerns for the purpose(s) of protecting the claim to the utilization of (a) contra-predatory vigilante remed(y)(ies) in re whereto, respectively, according to the script and schedule postulated here: "", which RJM remains morally certain that he has continued to possess since the juncture at which any given injur(y)(ies) this document concerns (was)(were) perpetrated, until RJM can get out from underneath the avalanche of burdens, afflictions and problems he has encountered since the last juncture at which (a) document(s) of this type were transmitted to the recipients of this document ("recipients") sufficiently to file new complaint(s) in regard to the matters this document concerns ("these matters") (specimens such as yourselves, cannot of course possibly understand just how burdensome regulating one's activity in order to ensure that neither one's activity nor inactivity in regard to any given, and every matter, one would encounter would never result in any unjustified injury to the prospects for a favorable eternal disposition of the soul of anyone and everyone ever effected whereby in any given and in every instance, but this notice is provided herein nonetheless).

No acceptable settlement offer(s) having been received by RJM and with the gates of hell remaining open (Matt.16:18, 25:41, et al) and the component of the Catholic Cause whose burden RJM remains obliged to continue to bear needing continued bearing, notice is herein provided that unless acceptable settlement offer(s) would be received from each of the various malefactors receiving this document in regard to these matters, respectively, RJM intends to file new complaint(s) against each and all such malefactors, respectively, except in the case of David Chapleau, and UND Officers Schirripa & Fleck (the "Dunsman" referenced in various complaints and other documents filed &/or otherwise processed by RJM in regard to the matters this document concerns was supposed to be "Dossman") any and all documents filed in re such activity conductors will be first components whereof, by the Feast of the Assumption of Mary of 2014.

In the meantime, unless such malefactors would confess liability and accept adequate punishment for the violations of 18 USC 242 and possibly 18 USC 241, 2381, 2384 &/or 2385 these matters concern, respectively, RJM will have to attend to the matter of procuring indictments against each and all of those referenced herein who would not either provide such consideration or a stipulation tolling any statute of limitation(s) ("SOL") which if not tolled would be set to expire between now and any juncture at which (any) indictment(s) for (any) violation(s) of those statutes referenced herein would be procured beyond the date of 5/15 (re the prevention of RJM's accessing the St. Joseph, IN County Courthouse before 16:30, 5/17/14, re the false arrest/illegal siezure of RJM, and 5/18/14 re the criminal criminal arraignment of RJM - all in 2009.

In the meantime, RJM demands that each and all of the recipients of this document post it in their respective websites and post a link in the home page whereof, respectively, directing site visitors to such link at which it would have been posted, from which any such visitor can get to the present ISMA Br. #4 website(s) and consider the progress towards the bringing of these matters to a legitmate resolution that would at any juncture be ascertainable from the consideration whereof, or else provide a justification for any non-effecting of this measure.

[Added as of 5/5/14]

The first "Petition of 5/2/14 at 9:45 CST to Federal Grand Jury Foreperson/U.S. Attorney for Northern Dist. of IN ... with Further Counts to Follow", and a "Proposed True Bill re Notre Dame 2009 Commencement Illegal Seizures et al, Limited to First Ten Counts ...." have been posted at: "". By 5/7/14, Providence permitting ("PP"), a "First Superseding Component of Petition of 5/2/14... and "...True Bill...." will have been posted at the same URL address except with a "fs" between the "42914" and ".html". and by 2200 on 5/10/14, a "Second Superseding...." and "...True Bill...." will have been posted at the same URL address except with a"ss" between the "42914" and ".html". All of which documents can be accessed via the Table of Contents of the ISMA Br. #4 website at: "". If RJM does not receive an assurance that criminal process will not be instituted by the deadlines referenced herein by 5/12/14, someone will file a lawsuit in the ND of IN to either ensure that such process will get instituted by the dates referenced herein supra, or that if not, that the claim to ultimately resort to contra-predatory vigilantism in order to adequately protect the entirety of the legitimate reliance interests implicated in the matters this document concerns ("these matters") will remain intact, irregardless of what would transpire in re these matters in any Rothschild controlled government entity.

If the UND is not going to immediately rescind the honorary degree issued to B. Soetoro on 5/17/09, publicly apologize for having issued such and disburse the 30 million dollars which Soetoro is reported to have stolen from the public treasury and remitted to the UND (which has certainly been used to produce more "Unfit for Citizenship in anything other than a Talmudic-barbaric Enslavement Apparatus as Slaves to the Rothschild/Talmudic Barbarics and/or their Slavemasters Over Other Goyim" graduates than the plethora of such already spewed into society by the "Abomination in Blue" in the past - exactly the type of reptiles which M. Collins had to oppose in Ireland in 1918, which type of reptiles Pope Leo XIII knew would be produced by the destruction of the moral fabric of society prophesized in the 1884 Encyclical Humanum Genus (a condemnation of Freemasonry - the stepchild of Talmudism for the goyim) in exchange for its having prostituted itself by conferring such degree, to the component of the poorest 80 percent of Americans who both are categorical sanctity of human life adherents at least in regard to baby murder and who have not made any concession(s) to Sodomy not the equivalent of a(ny) concession(s) whereto referenced as possessing legitimacy in at least one demonstrably "Magisteriallly Protected Document" (Matt. 16:18, et al), according to such formula as would be necessary in order to ensure that RJM would not ever directly see a penny whereof (the adverb"directly" is used herein in that it is impossible that anyone would not indirectly benefit from anything good that would ever transpire in human history, given the interconnectedness of all activity and developments from the Creation of the universe until the final judgment), then RJM herein offers to settle all matters this document concerns other than the criminal matters referenced herein in exchange for the UND's removing the Statute of Mary from the Admin. Bldg, removing Mary's name from its legal name and disbursing the sum of $ 2,000,000,000.00 from its endowment (the estimated amount of such endowment which would have come from the efforts of warmblooded specimens from which the UND has directly benefitted) or from whereever else to various Alumni of the UND and others who have been injured by the conferring of the degree referenced herein supra, according to the same type of formula regarding inaccessibility to any such funds by RJM as has been included herein supra, to be used solely for the purposes of effecting the spiritual and corporal works of mercy of the Non-counterfeit Roman Catholic Religion and the stopping of the genocide in progress which certainly constitutes a "ransoming of the captives" if there has ever been such.

FTR, RJM has every intention of disregarding any and all SOL's claim/defense should criminal charges not be instituted by 5/15/14, 5/17/14, 5/18/14, respectively, in re these matters and seeking institution, prosecution, conviction and punishment via an ISMA CLT process as would be necessary.

Any conception that RJM would ever participate in any unilateral remission of consideration such as would be present were the perpetrators of the crimes referenced herein to be permitted to escape just retribution for the violence and criminality effected wherethrough and to evade the burden which has been incurred by them to make restitution for the injuries the component of the Catholic Cause in re which RJM is obliged to continue to bear the burden has incurred from such activit(y)(ies) would have to be demonic in origin. RJM has never lacked the capacity to resort to participation in military remedies for the purpose of righting the wrongs this document concerns and recognizes that the non-utilization of such type remedies in certain circumstances can be gravely sinful (Papal Christmas Message of 1956, et al) as being incompatible with burdens to which humans would ever be subject via the provisions of the 4th and 5th Commandments of the Decalogue. Indeed the issue of the point at which the use of force against government violence would have become obligatory has been one with which souls have wrestled for centuries (eg. Joan of Arc, Guy Fawkes, The French Vendeans, Frederick Douglass, Harriett Tubman, Michael Collins, the Cristeros in MX, Alexander Solzenhitsyn, Claus von Stauffenberg, etc., etc. etc.) and the lamentations regarding the waiting too long to resort to such of sages such as Solzenhitsyn echo down the corridors of history and will continue to do so unto Christ's return. The concept of the "one way street" - that the use of force must be restricted to the government against the citizenry and that citizens cannot fight back against government violence is one of the most vile and atrocious rotten fruits which Talmudism has birthed and that is no small statement to understate the case.

There has not been anything which RJM would understand could legitimately be classifed as remotely resembling any "sleeping on rights" in RJM's activity record since 3/24/09 and it is RJM's understanding that the world is in an even worse condition than it was on 6/1/1941 when Pope Pius XII issued his address referencing the difficulty present in the keeping of the Commandments at that juncture in the ocean of sin then present.

It is indeed a truth too self-evident to sufficiently dis-interested individuals (Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven (Matt. 5:24)) that the soul legitimate purpose for which any SOL defense could ever be invoked in either any criminal or civil matter would be to prevent the detriment which might be incurred if an innocent person would have to defend a claim that would have been instituted by someone who would have been guilty of having "slept on his rights" - that is having culpably neglected to have used legal remedies which would ever have apparently been available for the rectification of any given injustice that would have been available in an arrangement in which "access to the Courts" would not have constituted for all practical purposes a legal fiction, which is to say in which the "transaction costs" of and "barriers to access" to, such entities, would not have been so prohibitive as to have rendered any nominally available access whereto to have been burdensome beyond the limits of burden-bearing which a truly unjustifiably injured individual could justifiably be required to bear.

Of course, that fact has not prevented Lucifer from tempting morally bankrupt individuals to invoke such type defense(s) in the past nor to prevent such type individuals from consenting to such type temptations and invoking such in arrangements in which any such type invoker whereof would be the party in any given dispute who would be positioned closer to the Rothschilds than whatever adversary it would be against whom such type defense would be invoked. This fact further demonstrates just why the capacity to use and the prospect of the use of, force. against government violence is such an indispensable necessity for the protection of legitimate reliance interests from violence.

Since 18 USC 242 violations in which death results have no SOL anyway, and since countless deaths can be demonstrated to have resulted from the 18 USC 242 violations this document concerns (inter alia in Soetoro's so entirely unjustifiably remaining in office until 2012 and then in his fraudulent and treasonous re-election of 2012, which the 2009 honor so indisputably helped to secure), no legitimate SOL defense to any criminal prosecution re these matters could be posited on that ground as well as upon the other basis according to which no SOL defense could ever be posited in re these matters, at least to this juncture.

RJM has transmitted FOIA's in re these matters but has never received any responses.

RJM herein demands that a copy of this document be provided to each and every individual referenced herein or that RJM be provided notice in regard to how RJM can get such document to any and all of such individuals without delay.

Considering the panic which RJM's presence and the presence of other warmblooded specimens on the UND campus caused in 2009, is the UND really interested in a duplication of the activity which resulted in

(that) (those) panic(s)? If the answer to such question is not in the affirmative and the UND is not going to demonstrate remorse and make restitution for the Talmudic-barbaric evil doing perpetrated by it in re these matters, then RJM could not fathom why the UND would neglect to accept the offer included herein other than if it would be committed to resorting to violence beyond that to which it has already resorted in order to keep the demonically instigated character of its evil-doing as concealed as such can be kept in any given collection of circumstances ever encountered by its representatives.

To bring this document to completion asap, what herein follows has been included herein with a barest mimimum of proofreading:

There is no quid pro quo in any form present in this document re the criminal component of the dispute resolution project this document concerns and the activity modifications and/or transfer of resources involved.

RJM complains that legitimate reliance interests have in the past been and/or are now being, defrauded, in the non-provision from any and/or all of those to whom this document has been addressed of the consideration defined as: - "transmittal of the notices of the filing of civil complaints and of endeavors to get criminal charges instituted to each and every one of those activity conductors who were involved in the matters referenced in this document as "to be indicteds" ("TBI") accompanied by the provision of notice of the effecting of such task or the provision of home and/or email addresses, and phone numbers of each and every such individual (see the FOIA's which accompany this document).

One thing is for certain - there was not a prospect of the incurrment of just recompense for the activity conducted referenced herein present in the minds of the perpetrators of the crimes so herein referenced which was sufficient in the balance to deter the perpetration of such perpetrations before they were ever committed, nor to induce any endeavors ordered to any subsequent elimination of the detriment caused whereby any more useful than the eventual consent to dismissal of the criminal charges concerned predicated upon a provision of consent not to sue ("PCNS") the perpetrators from a percentage of the arrestees substantial enough to "seal the deal" - which PCNS was executed by over 90 percent of arrestees.

If RJM does not receive notice that each of those referenced in the list of the "Too Be Indicted's" ("TBI") included herein has received notice that RJM has been endeavoring to procure the institution of criminal process in re whereto, respectively, by the untolled SOL expiration deadline in regard to the various crimes this document concerns, then RJM does not see what legitimate alternative he would possess in regard to these matters other than to file a federal and/or state lawsuit in which he would seek an injunction requiring the employers of any and all such activity conductors ("AC"'s) so referenced to so inform such AC's of such matters any given and all of as well as to also enjoin the positing of any "Expiration of SOL(s) Defense(s) by any such AC's, along with an enjoining of the prevention of the access to the Federal Grand Jury ("FGJ") and ensurement of the independence of its deliberations from any unjustified influence which might absent the issuance of a given court order providing protection to such independence unjustifiably interfere with it.

If the consideration sought herein would not be provided and any non-provision whereof would not be accompaniedy by an explanation demonstrating that the non-provision of such consideration as has been referenced herein could possibly be morally justified, then RJM would find it necessary to seek the institution of criminal charges in regard to such development(s) as well, even if endeavors to so institute such could not -given the measure of control which the Rothschilds and their Lord - Lucifer presently possess over government entities at all levels in what is now the nominal u.s. of A - realistically be expected to accomplish anything more than the ensuring of the retention of whatever claim to participate in the contra-predatory remedying of whatever crimes would be concerned that would have accrued upon the perpetration of any given crime(s) which would have been perpetrated in the non-provison of the consideration referenced herein supra.

To Be Indicted's re the UND 2009 Commencement Abomination re 18 USC 242, 1346 and/or 1961 violations perpetrated in such Abomination: 1. United States District Court Clerk for Northern District of IN, S. Ludwig, 2. Notre Dame Security Police (“NDSP”) Sgt. Pavnica, 3. United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, Judge Diane Wood, 4. NDSP Supervisor Phillip Johnson, 5. NDSP Supervisor David Chapman, 6. University of Notre Dame (“UND”) President John Jenkins, 7. NDSP Officers John and Jane Does #1-5, 8. Saint Joseph County, IN (“SJCI”) Police SGT. Matt Blank or Blanc, 9. SJCI Police Officer Mario Cervantes, 10. SJCI, Director of Police John Doe, and/or SJCI Sheriff, 11. SJCI Clerk Rita Glenn, 12. SJCI Court System, SJCI, 13. Chief Judge M. Scopelitis, 14. SJCI Magistrate Judge B. Stienke, 15-19UND ONI John and Jane Does #1-4, 20. Superior Court of St. Joseph County, IN, Judge Chapleau, 21. St. Joseph County, IN Prosecutor Michael Dvorak, 22. SJCI Asst. Prosecutor William Wannecke, 23. UND Representative Frances Shavers, 24. UND Whatever William Kirk, 25. NDSP Off. Schirripa, 26. NDSP Off. Fleck, 27. NDSP Sgt. Dossman, 28. Barry Soetoro, 29. Any Members of the "Obama Administration" Involved in Any Illegal Transfer of Funds From the Public Treasury to the Univ of Notre Dame in re its 2009 Commencement Abomination Arrangement

So this document constitutes, inter alia, a "Notice to Effect the Preservation of Evidence in Regard to the UND 2009 Commencement Abomination or Accept the Consequences of Leaving Such Task Unaccomplished" in case criminal charges would not be instituted in regard to such crimes as were perpetrated in re whereto w/n promulgated untolled SOL's ever applicable in any given instance.

The presently operative "Rothschild Mercenary/Minion/Sychophant/Prostitute /Predator /Quisling/Tel Aviv Toilet Rim Licker ...Notice Accompanying Documents Ever Submitted to Any Government Entity by Any ISMA Member Applicable as of 4/23/14" is posted here: "".

Robert J. More - Romans 12:21 - death to Tob Shebbe Goyim Harim and the NWO, Instuare Rem Ominem in Christu, Magna Charta Clause 61, Papal Christmas Message of 1956, et al, Whatever it take to keep from falling into the hands of the Living God (Heb. 10:31).


*Robert J. More* - atrocity avengement/disaster aversion/catastrophic loss prevention -

*AAA-ISMA Branch #4 *

Service List for D/L and Notice of 1/11/14 - D/L #4

Transmitted via email by 5/6/14:

Office of General Counsel

University of "Notre Dame" (the abomination drenched in innocent blood

that continues to exploit its statute of the Mother of God for the

most vicious, appalling and shameful purposes – indisputably an instrument of the genocide of the goyim in progress and a menace to everything that His Omnipotence, Christus Rex, can still justify not hating)

Attn. Ms. Claire Agotti

President of UND

NDSP Terrence Johnson, D. Dunsman, Pavnica and and whatevef other NDSP Prostitute-Butchers involved in the false arrest and imprisonment, seizure and battery of Robert J. More on 5/17/09

USA Today, USA Today Reporter ...

Transmitted via USPS regular mail by 5/6/14:

Sheriff of St. Joseph County, IN Police ("SJCP"), SJCP - SJCP Sgt. Matthew Blanc, and Cpl Mario Corovas and all of the Prostitute-Butchers involved in the false arrest and imprisonment, seizure and battery of Robert J. More on 5/17/09 - to Saint Joseph County, IN, 401 w. sample St. South Bend, IN 46601

Superior Court of St. Joseph County, IN (“SCSCJI”) Judge M. Scopelitis

SJSJCI Judge D. Chapleau

St. Joseph, IN, Superior Court 101 South Main Street

South Bend, IN 46601

St. Joseph County, IN Prosecutor M. Dworak

Asst. SJC, IN Prosecutor W. Wannecke

227 W. Jefferson Blvd
10th Floor
South Bend, IN 46601
P: 574.235.9626

Anthony Zappia - Attorney for St. Joseph County, IN - via email

Peter Agostino - Attorney for one of the Collection of Reptiles Referenced Herein - via email

Document posted by 5/7/14 at URL listed herein supra.

[SJC... Magistrate Brian Stienke]

time and resources: 1/11/14 14:00-15:00, 15:15-17:15, 5/5/14 - 1645-2330, 5/6/14 - 830-1700 reading prior docs, searching emails, compojsition - plus converting, posting, printing, mailing and/or emailing - all of which must be procured from those whose malefactions necessitated the expenditures referenced herein, 5/5/14 - 1645 - note to TMS, fed ex - emailing ND 88, searching documents for UND discovery re RJM arrest, 5/6/14 - 830-1600, plus emailing, converting, posting, printing, addressing envelopes and mailing.