Blessed are the [noncounterfeit] peacemakers [as distinct from the abominable cultivators of false peace] for they shall be called the children of God (Mt. 5-7)…but the merciful need have no fear of judgment(Ja 2:13). …but have stored up something against the wrath to come(cf Rom 2:5, Heb10:30 et al), for it is light-years beyond  the human imagination as to just what a “terrible thing it is to fall into the hands of  the living God (Heb. 10:31).”

Pope Felix III: "Not to oppose error, is to approve it, and not to defend truth is to suppress it, and indeed to neglect to confound evil men when we can do it, is no less a sin than to encourage them."

Saint Catherine of Siena : "We've had enough of exhortations to be silent! Cry out with a hundred tongues. I see that the world is rotten because of silence.

None is so enslaved as he who falsely believes that he is free - von Goethe

In the Circuit Court of  Cook County Illinois, Criminal Division


People of  State of  Illinois

                                                            Case # 01118828901


Robert More (et al)

Et al – the Noncounterfeit Roman Catholic Church, the principle of  The Rule of  Law, the DNRCPN, all that is good. noble, decent and true (Phil 4:17), everything not categorically abominable in God’s eyes.




Now comes the plaintiff, RJM, on behalf of  the DNRCPN, the Noncounterfeit Catholic Church, everything that is good, noble, decent and true (Phil 4:17), and for that matter, since there is not much of anything abiding in that category in Cook County IL. other than the children under age seven,  everything that is not both cold-blooded and venomous, or defined in the alternative, everyone and everything not as thoroughly corrupted as Richard Devine and self-exalting State Senator John Cullerton, and on behalf of all  innocent children, both those born and yet to be born, who cannot possibly deserve to be subject to  the type of  abuses that those of us citizens who have not retained baptismal innocence cannot claim are not Divinely permitted punishments for our sins, whatever they may be, whether of commission or omission,  to move this Court to immediately dismiss this case on the grounds that the 45 day limit for the fitness hearing expired on 2/20/03, or on any other of  the several grounds on which the Court would have no authority to refrain from dismissing it, so long as it was appropriately petitioned to do so, including any of  the grounds enumerated in the motions RJM filed with the Clerk’s Office on 3/7/03, and to assert that the court has lost jurisdiction over the case except to dismiss it dated retroactively to 2/20/03, and for every other form of relief enumerated in the title to this motion, most especially, if  the Court will not dismiss the case immediately, that the fitness hearing be rescheduled for any day other than 3/21/03, since RJM is already obliged to participate in a hearing via telephone in a court proceeding in another court on an unrelated matter  on that date, & that the Court require the Asst. CCSA to produce for RJM the materials which the Court ordered it to produce to RJM on 1/22/03 which included all of  the documents in the possession of  the BCX Examiner, not just her report and illegible notes and in support and explication whereof, RJM avers as follows:

1.                  RJM had to file this three days before the hearing date  in order for it to have been timely filed.

2.                  RJM may submit further petitions  and arguments in support of  petitions included in this motion and in support of  petitions to be later submitted, at or before the inception of the hearing.

3.                  RJM most emphatically objects to BCX reports being completed and issued on grounds and standards that are not objectively identifiable and thus do not provide those subject to them and to criminal charges in general, being provided standards of  conduct with which they can comport themselves and their conduct in order to avoid being subjected to being declared unfit for trial or for that matter to criminal prosecution in the first place.

4.                  RJM is also going on record at this juncture as claiming that every issue that RJM has raised that remains unaddressed is in fact preserved for appeal or that the Court must articulate a standard according to which RJM must conduct his activity  in order to preserve issues for appeal in that Post-Richman (cf 270 F. 3d 430), one who endeavors to raise issues for appeal in a Cook County court cannot claim that doing so might not foreseeably result in his or her demise. In other words, the case is being adjudicated under the long shadow of  the death of J. Richman for asking a question on a traffic ticket and under the long and ever-lengthening shadow of  the displacement of  the principle of  the Rule of Law by the standard of  the Reign of Terror  (“ROTS”)that is the almost categorically controlling standard according to which judicial and other governmental activities are conducted at this juncture in the demise of  the Constitutional Republic of  the united States of America that is being displaced and replaced by the Globalist Reign of Terror Police State even as this motion is composed.

5.                  Judge Reyna confirmed on 3/7/03 that all issues were suchlike preserved.

6.                  RJM was not able to notify the Court on 3/7/03, that he was already committed to participating in a court proceeding in an East Coast Court on 3/21/03, before 3/7/03, before the Court adjourned. In the Post-Richman Period in Cook County, truly one evidently takes his life in his hands by opening his mouth in a court whose existence  was originally established by law, and whose activity is still subsidized by the money obtained  from the labor of  private citizens.

7.                  At this juncture, RJM has not succeeded in getting that court date postponed (it  has already been rescheduled six times or more), and he cannot afford to miss it.

8.                  RJM left a message for Asst. C.C. P.D. Campbell, in which he provided notice that RJM needs the fitness hearing rescheduled.

9.                  There is no justification for the holding of  a fitness hearing in this case on any grounds as the 45 day period running from the date, according to the express wording of  the applicable statute from which the Court ordering the BCX  received  a copy of  the BCX report expired on 2/20/03.

10.              As developments have transpired, the Asst CCSA, when made aware of  this fact, just redefined all of  the  terms involved, so that all of  a sudden as if  the proceedings were being conducted in the world of Alice in Wonderland in which “words had no meaning” (cf ___U.S. ____), or Orwell’s 1984 or Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, or Oz, the state could continue to cannibalize RJM et al, inspite of the fact that no one involved had been highly enough committed to continuing to prosecute the case to even bother to keep track of  the passage of  the days involved, much less to ensure that the hearing was conducted according to the express wording of  the statute.

11.              If  there is any activity that is ever conducted according to an acceptable standard in this attempted lynching, it will be the first example of  such-type activity in what has been a persecution that can only bring the wrath of  God down on the heads of  those responsible for it (cf. Mt. 25:31-46, Heb 10:30-31, et al).

12.              On 3/7/03, facing the  prospects of  having her report turned inside out on her.if  the doctor who would have to testify could not keep RJM gagged, [she] took the day off. Instead of   just dismissing the case, the Court not even considering that  RJM who has waited from 9:00 a.m in each appearance until well into the afternoon, had petitions for relief too numerous to even list here before the Court, attempted to present several petitions  to dismiss on various grounds and petitions for  other forms of relief, simply rescheduled the hearing for 3/14/03, but since the P.D. said he could not be present, over RJM’s vigorous objection, the Court rescheduled the hearing for 3/21/03, all in what RJM claims constitutes contravention of  the statutes on the fitness hearing and innumerable portions of  Title 18 of  the U.S. Code.

13.              Seeing as how it was so easy for the Court to have kept RJM waiting for the long hours he was kept in Court on each hearing date and then to just reschedule the fitness hearing date, RJM surmises that it cannot possibly be any trouble now for the Court to either just dismiss this case or else to reschedule the fitness hearing and to require the State to either produce all materials in the doctor’s possession or else to dismiss the charges.

14.              Surely, even  in this Court System with all its one-way streets, sacred cows, double standards, unbalanced scales (Prov. 1:3), strained gnats and  swallowed camels (Mt. 23:24),  its treachery and secret dealmaking, no one could pretend that the denying of  RJM’s petition that the hearing be rescheduled could possibly be justified. On the contrary, the whole matter is nothing other than one of priorities and there simply would be  no justification for denying RJM’s request for a continuance on the hearing.

15.              Sadly, it appears that no one other than a tiny thimbleful of persons, such as RJM remember the painful lessons of  history, one of which is that peasants on so many occasions throughout history have finally been pushed by evils that came to be insufferable  to decide to right themselves by “abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed” to borrow a most familiar phrase.

16.              RJM spoke for an estimated one half hour to Asst. CCPD Supervisor E. Ptatek regarding RJM’s predicament.

17.              As expected, RJM found in Ptatek a bureaucrat that evidently simply could not care less what atrocities are perpetrated upon the citizens he is being paid to protect from the type of cannibalism that has been perpetrated in this tragic example of  all that is worst in the world at this juncture. As long as he receives his compensation and benefit package, he will obviously continue to get along and go along in his bureaucratic proceedings, without a concern in the world as to whether there is even a penny’s return on the dollar in regard to the compensation he collects, received by those whose labor subsidizes that package. RJM wasted 30 minutes speaking to this “Rolph” (ie the despicable capitulator in the Sound of Music who blew the whistle on the Von Trapp family because he proved himself to be beyond a shadow of a doubt “one of  them.” Never did Ptatek cite a single authority in support of any position he asserted.

18.              Ptatek’s conveyances were all based in his own carnally apprehended self-interest. There is simply no way with the occupying armies positioned in Cook County that this guy is ever going to do anything other than what is expedient for him. He would have fit in without the least friction as a puppet defense attorney in the charade proceedings Hitler, Stalin, Mao,  Pol Pot, et al have conducted over the years in various forums in various theatres of activity – a casualty of  the public-education, group-think control dominant media, religionless culture, who appears to fit the bill to the T of  the New World Totalitarian Order bureaucrat.  RJM would not expect this individual to ever complain that “Soylent Green is people.”

19.              RJM again herein raises the issue of  ineffective assistance of counsel. The P.D.s in this Court do not seem to recognize that any consideration is due the cannibalized victims of  the political corruption in Cook County, or to the public in exchange for the compensation they receive in their respective offices. At this Court at least, the funds disbursement paying their salaries is evidently entirely unjustified. The only benefit of RJM’s conversation with Mr. Ptatek was to remind RJM of what he must continue to fight with all his might to keep from becoming – a “Rolph”.

20.              RJM then was left with no choice except to contact Asst. CCSA Callaghan, who in the  past , in her representations to the Court, has so disingenuously claimed that she does not listen to the voice mails RJM has left (out of  absolute necessity) which representations of  this Despicable Little Dickey Devine Minion who obviously could not tell right from wrong if her lunch depended upon it,  have in each case been replete with gross mischaracterizations that are not in fact presumptively non-malicious and non-felonious. On the contrary they have demonstrated how well she fits into Ruthless Richard’s protect the iniquity workers, and persecute any non-capitulator who refuses to go along with his “fun” for faggots  agenda including of  course the abominable public display of  militant paganisn held each June in their “parade” .

21.              RJM petitioned her to move this Court to reschedule the fitness hearing.

22.              RJM now moves this Court to reschedule the hearing for any date after 3/21/03 and to require the Asst. CCSA to produce the entirety of the documents the Court ordered her to produce on 1/20/03 , which included every document the BCX Examiner has in her possession in regard to this case.

23.              RJM has no evident choice at this juncture other than to provide notice herein as he has similarly provided notice before that he recognizes that he simply does not possess the authority to participate in activities of any sort conducted according to the ROTS.

24.              If any more activities are conducted according to this standard (ROTS) in the adjudication of  this case, such development would elicit the non-discretionary filing of federal felony complaints (besides the civil complaint already filed) with the U.S. Attorney and if  felonies cannot be appropriately punished in the forum in which that party conducts his activity, RJM would follow up with writs of quo warranto and the filing of  criminal and civil  filings in the world court and in common law courts before grand juries established to ensure that crimes do not remain unjustifiably unpunished. These would be in addition to the charges RJM has committed himself to bringing for past felonies committed in the adjudication of  this case).

25.              There is no quid pro quo proposal contained herein as anyone not categorically bereft of the capacity to reason logically can easily ascertain. Tragically, RJM has yet to encounter anyone operating  in any capacity, compensated by the government who has participated in  the proceedings conducted in this case other than one or maybe two P.D;s who have demonstrated anything remotely resembling such type capacity.

26.              At any rate, one of  the components of RJM’s AAPS requires him to provide notice to various parties at various junctures in proceedings in order to keep parties responsible for the commission of torts and crimes from at any juncture being able to claim inculpable ignorance as a defense to a civil or criminal complaint that would be filed in a given case, that statutes have been trangressed and crimes committed. This strategy of  the provision of such-type notifications also serves to prevent the commission or at least completion of  crimes and to facilitate the identification of  states of minds in perpetrators responsible therefore that reveal motivations consisting of  moral malice equivalent to that present in recidvitism and obduracy in malice, rather than the just the garden variety malice that is the defining feature of the God-forsaken activity that is the prevailing standard in Cook County IL – a brutal and terrible place, a cruel and heartless place, a violent and dangerous place, a place right out of one of  Dante’s circles in the Inferno,  a place in which no unprotected warm-blooded throat is safe, a place that RJM simply cannot and will not concede to Lucifer’s categorical control as long as there is breath in him.  

27.              As RJM possesses a liberty and property right acknowledged by the U.S. Supreme Court in Logan v Zimmerman (___U.S.____) in the damages available in a civil suit, all the more so, does he possess such a right in regard to which he can incur no deprivation without fair notice and a non-counterfeit hearing, to implement the measures needing to be implemented in a given case to prevent those responsible for having committed felonies from succeeding in getting away with committing such with impunity.

28.              On the contrary, RJM recognizes that he is subject to  a duty to  implement such measures as in a given case would need to be implemented to ensure to the extent RJM can  accomplish the objective  that no felonies remain unpunished according to the ageless axiom: Qui parcit nocentibus, punit innocentes (He who pardons the guilty, punishes the innocent)

29.              In the same way that Hitler had his “Night of  the Long Knives” and the ancient pagans in Babylon sacrificed children to Moloch, and that every depraved group such as Richard Devine and his cronies and subordinates has,  throughout history,  had their ritual sacrifices, so the prosecutions of  innocent citizens in Cook County such as are perpetrated under color of  law  in cases such as the subject one, serve as  a sort of a bonding activity in this county that with its wickedness and depravity, God obviously cannot not hate.

30.              The competition in regard to the resolution of  this case,  is a competition between the ROLS of Jesus Christ and the ROTS of Lucifer and RJM will fight to the last breath to assist His Majesty in defeating Lucifer in every way he can.

31.              RJM realizes that this commitment is inevitably going to bring him into conflict with many of   those who do Lucifer’s bidding and above all with those who do that bidding and endeavor to keep the malice contained therein suppressed and concealed, just has it has in the past; and . RJM has this to say to such parties: RJM will do what he evidently has to do in a given situation to ensure that to the extent of RJM’s power, that the ascertainable requirements of  God’s  moral law are not left un-accomplished, and he will leave all consequences to God. For the life and the death of  the just is in the hands of  the Lord.

32.              RJM possesses several documents that facilitate the identification in a given scenario in which RJM or someone similarly situated might conduct activity of what would constitute  in  a given case, the actual apportionment of a given form of moral consideration.

33.              Some of  these can be accessed in the website of  the DNRCPN at, in  various chapters contained therein.

34.              In other words, in a situation in which competing claims are posited to the same entity, it is always possible to ascertain to a measure of moral certainty the appropriate apportionment of the entities in issue.

35.              If any party, under any pretense, at any juncture, unjustifiably  interferes with RJM’s endeavors to accomplish compliance with the requirements of  the moral law, RJM will respond with any and/or all measures at his disposal in a given scenario, to ensure that nothing in RJM’s conduct can be construed to constitute an unjustified concession to the advancement of Lucifer’s Reign of  Terror Agenda.

36.              Should any party participate in any attempt, whether or not such attempt would be successful or unsuccessful to interfere suchlike as has been described supra, RJM will consider such interference as being permitted by God and orchestrated by Lucifer and endeavor to turn any suchlike affair to the evident ultimate benefit of  the Catholic Church.

37.              RJM also goes on record herein as claiming that any disposition of this case or the conducting of any proceedings in regard to it, other than its immediate dismissal on any of the grounds thus far raised by RJM in any document filed with this Court or on any other ground, would constitute presumptively malicious and  felonious conduct  in contravention of  18 U.S.C. Part 1, Chapter 13, Sections 241, 242, 1503, 1621, 1622, 1951, 1961 et seq, and 2381.

38.              RJM also herein claims that the conducting of  the fitness hearing without the provision to RJM of  the documents in the BCX Examiner’s possession to which reference has been made herein supra, would constitute separate felonies on all of  the bases enumerated in par. #27 supra.

39.              Truly the abuses, arrogations, usurpations, trangressions, affronts and crimes committed against RJM et al, have borne out in the lives of RJM et al, the truth to which  Pope Pius XII in his Address at Pentecost on 6/6/1941, referred  when he lamented: The inversion of means and ends, which results in giving the value of ultimate end to what is only a means for attaining it, or in viewing persons as mere means to that end, engenders unjust structures which "make Christian conduct in keeping with the commandments of the divine Law-giver difficult and almost impossible."

40.               RJM herein goes on  public record as explaining that it is, in the larger scheme of things not something other than the case, that who and what it is that RJM is prosecuting in his defense of  this case is Lucifer and the activity of his Reign of  Terror (cf Ep. 6:12).

41.              On page 262 of  the book The Winning Side, (St. Brendan’s Institute, Mishawaka IN, 1999), Dr. Charles Rice, author and professor at the University of  Notre Dame Law School for over thirty years, avers: “Despite the erosion of constitutional and legal protections, as described in Parts I and II of this book, no one can legitimately conclude that the disintegration of the American civil fabric precipitated by Roe has gone so far that armed rebellion is justified in whole or in part.”

42.              For the record, RJM is presenting the developments that have transpired in this case over the course of  its life to Dr. Rice and to other concerned parties such as for example Justice Edith Jones of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals who recently addressed at some length the problem of  the  decay of  the American Legal System which has left in place the engines of oppression and affliction that is [are]  the present non-atypical American Court[s], to be utilized in the assessment of  the conditions that presently prevail in the court system in  this country.

43.              RJM does not deny that based upon what he has observed and encountered in the proceedings of  which the whole of  this case has consisted, that RJM, as much as he would like to believe in the claim of  Dr. Rice, to which reference has been made in par. #41 supra, simply cannot agree with Dr. Rice’s opinion in regard to the present state of  the country (the tragedy of  the Richman travesty alone seems to preclusively prevent concurrence with that opinion). Sadly, RJM is afraid that based upon the entirety of  the competent evidence  in regard to which he is cognizant in regard to the entities in issue in the matters under consideration,  that he cannot conclude either  that the disintegration to which Dr. Rice refers began with Roe (rather, RJM is convinced that the whole American experiment in self-government was doomed to failure from its inception in that it was never established in an appropriate relationship to the Roman Catholic religion, and that the influence and activity of  the Moneychangers, aka, the Banksters, ie  Rothchild et al, and all of  their fellow members of  the Illuminati began to infect and fatally corrupt  it from its infancy) nor that the type of  malice evidently ubiquitously present in this country in the judicial system and amongst the members of  the lawyer class, amongst all branches of  the government and in the society at large, in fact justifies the continued abstention from the means God has provided all able-bodied persons by which to right the wrongs to which, in  a given case they are subjected, when no remedy is available other than ante-antepenultimate, antepenultimate, and  penultimate,  remedies {the ante-antepenultimate remedy being the confiscation and/or destruction of property under the constraint of  employing  a standard of care so restrictive in the endeavors to accomplish that objective as to ensure that neither any  noncombatant injuries, casualties or deaths would  occur thereby, nor that any of  the same would even be incurred by government employees, even those adequately warned in a given case to ensure their safety and the antepenultimate remedy being the endeavor to accomplish the same objective  according to the less stringent requirements of  the  traditional Just War Doctrine including its requirements of  proportionality and discrimination, and the penultimate remedy being the alternative of the formal declaring of a domestic insurrection and the correlative engaging in open armed conflict with anyone who would endeavor to support the preservation of  the present intolerably abominable, havoc-wrecking, social order-destroying, demonically denominated status quo (similar to the case that was present in the American War of  Independence)}. Besides the number of  penultimate resolutions enumerated supra, there is also the ante-ante-ante-penultimate alternative, in which organizations such as WTP is now engaged, but that is a subject for another time. 

44.              On the contrary, it is RJM’s present position that the types of  abuses to which citizens of what were then the Thirteen British Colonies of America were subjected to in 1775 were not as serious as are those to which citizens of   the U.S. are customarily subjected at this period in the history of  the country, such as for example, those that have been perpetrated against RJM et al in the matters constituting this case.

45.              Indeed, to the extent of RJM’s knowledge,  none of  the eleven valid popes that have served as the Vicar of Christ – the head of the Catholic Church,  since the inception of  the American War for Independence (which was not a revolution in the conventional definition  of  the word, but was rather a continuation of  the development of  the movement for promotion and establishment in America of  the principle of  The Rule of  Law, emanating out of  among other implementations, that of  the establishment of  the Magn Charta)  has ever condemned that war, neither because of  its causes nor  the means by which it was fought  & if it is the case that the abuses to which RJM and similarly situated parties are now subject are more egregious than those to which the Colonists were subjected in 1775 (cf Richman et al) which left them according to their collective understanding, which understanding seems to have been not incompatible with the actual conditions in which they were then operating in objective reality, without any evident real choice except to rebel against a despotic civil authority; and given that innumerable commentators who have opined publicly on the matter have in fact opined that the conditions for the common citizens in America today are in fact in many ways substantially worse than were those of   the Colonists, in terms of  the oppressions and violence to which they are subject,  then the logical conclusion compelled by the insertion of  the facts regarding abuses perpetrated and correspondingly suffered  which RJM has assessed when inserted into the formula evidently applicable in regard to the matter of  determining the morality of  an armed rebellion, cannot but evidently compel an  inference upon which, in turn, the only conclusion which could logically abide is  that at least two of  the five requirements that need be present for an armed rebellion to be morally justified (Jus Ad Bellum) (without here getting into the matter of  Jus in Bello) are in fact, present at this time, in this country.

46.              Amongst the innumerable initiatives in which RJM is involved is one to disarm all law enforcement personnel who will not at least swear on oath and satisfy other similar-type requirements to refuse to fire a weapon at and/or to attempt to harm or kill American citizens and legal or illegal  immigrants who are not encountered in the  involvement in the commission of a crime involving physical violence. The implementation of  such type  measure and other similar measures would significantly expand the area for negotiations between individuals who apprehend that they have an interest in the preservation of the present status quo and those who see that interest as a menacing threat to everything God does not hate at this juncture in the history of  the country, which includes most prominently the principle of  The Rule of Law.  

47.              RJM continues to endeavor to eliminate the abominable conditions present in the legal  system in this country, realizing that so many of  his confreres have already concluded that the matter is beyond the point of no  return other than the ante-antepenultimate and antepenultimate  and penultimate available alternative means of  resolution of  the problems of  governmental malice, oppression and criminality. To quote one of the patriot movement’s greatest luminaries in this regard:

Devvy Kidd 
March 9, 2003 

Bob Schulz' We the People Foundation is formulating plans for a legal defense fund relating to Americans who are serious about stopping this corrupt government. See: Anyone who has done any research or followed current events over the past decade, knows without any doubt that the federal and state judiciaries, for the most part, are corrupt beyond anything most people can imagine. 

This is an intolerable situation for a free people. Congress has so completely failed to hold any federal judges accountable for the past century, it defies any bounds of decency and borders on the whole bunch as co-conspirators in denying Americans their constitutional(sic)[inalienable] rights. 

48.              RJM’s continued participation in the proceedings constituting this case, given that he could have simply vanished long ago, bear witness to the measure of  RJM’s commitment to continue to attempt to contribute to the restoration of  a now horrifically diseased system if that objective can possibly   be accomplished; or in the case that it cannot be, to have built up a record of attempts at peaceable resolution of  the problems present that when the “facts are submitted [in this regard] to a candid world” would necessarily compel the conclusion that whatever course RJM ultimately would have  to take to  accomplish noncounterfeit justice, that the benefit of  the doubt as to legitimacy and good faith, amongst a society awash in deceit and malice, could never be denied RJM and that no other party ever involved in any affair in which RJM would be involved, whether as ally or adversary, would ever possess as strong a  moral position as would RJM.  This is no small claim, but one which RJM would defend against any challenge.

49.              This pleading, which also constitutes a subchapter in the chapter in the website of   the DNRCPN, ( titled The Attempted Lynching of ….  is herein, except for the prayer for relief, brought to closure. The sooner the case is likewise resolved, the less it will end up costing all involved.

Wherefore, RJM on behalf of  all those to whom he owes duties of  care in regard to the resolution of  this criminal charge and duties of  care in general, moves this Court to dismiss this charge and to take notice that all other forms of relief enumerated in the title to this motion are herein respectfully demanded, most especially that the Court reschedule any fitness hearing that might ever be conducted in this case to some date other than 3/21/03, that it take notice that RJM would claim that the non-provision of  such relief would constitute a felony on the several bases enumerated supra and that it require the Asst. CCSA to provide RJM the entirety of  the documents it was ordered to produce on 1/22/03 or to dismiss the case on the basis of  the non-production of  such documents if the CCSA will not comply with the directives of  that order, and that RJM has much much more to enter into the record in regard to the entities in issue in this case at his juncture and that finally, that if the case is not dismissed immediately , that RJM is formally demanding that Richard Devine prosecute this case himself, if he would have the temerity to claim that a crime had been committed by RJM in regard to the charge filed or in regard to any other matter other than RJM’s culpable neglect in not providing a sufficient measure of  opposition in response to the Reign of Terror activity that Lucifer continues to perpetrate on all those to whom RJM owes duties of  care and particularly through the activity of  his devoted servant, Richard Devine.

Under penalties as provided by law pursuant to Section 1-109 of the Illinois Code of Civil Procedure,  the undersigned certifies that the statements set forth in this instrument are true and  correct, except as to matters therein stated to be on information and belief and as to such matters the undersigned certifies as aforesaid that he verily believes the same to be true.

Ad lucem, per crucem,   spe, en defenso de Christianorum per aeternitatem, per praesidio de Coram Immaculatum de Beatae Maria, Mater Dei, Semper Virgenem,

Robert J. More -

Associate Administrative Assistant to  the Chief Accountability Monitor pro tem of  the Demonstratively Non-counterfeit Roman Catholic Protection Network (“DNRCPN”)





Notice of Motion/Certificate of Service

In the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois, Criminal

People of  State of  Illinois

                                                            Case # 01118828901



Robert More


On 3/14/03, RJM filed copies of  the accompanying  DEFENDANT (“RJM”)’S VERIFIED MOTION OF 3/14/03 TO RE-PRESENT TO THIS COURT ALL OF  THE ISSUES PRESENTED …. At the Tenth Floor Office of  the Criminal Court’s Filing Office for the Cook County Circuit Court, for the motion to be heard on 3/19/03 if  the Court will not rule on it instanter on 3/14/03.


Robert More

Innocent defendant

2008 S. Blue Island #39

Chicago, IL, 60608, 3124558385

Certificate of Service

I,  Robert More, altogether innocent defendant, certify under penalty of perjury that I did serve via hand delivery, a copy of   this notice & of  the accompanying motion titled: DEFENDANT (“RJM”)’S VERIFIED MOTION OF 3/14/03 TO RE-PRESENT TO THIS COURT ALL OF  THE ISSUES PRESENTED …. at some time prior to 11:00 a.m., upon some Asst CCSA in the Courtroom # 504 at 2650 S. California Ave, Chicago, IL either on 3/14/03 or 3/19/03, depending on when RJM will have gotten to the Court  and that this presumably constitutes the accomplishment of compliance with all requirements of  the Court, to the extent such have been explained to RJM.


Under penalties as provided by law pursuant to 735 ILCS 5/1-109                                       Date_3/14/2003

I certify that the statements set forth herein are true and corrrect.  Robert J. More


Clerk of the Circuit court of Cook County, Illinois