Proposed Referendum by Which to Temporarily Contain the Terror and Tyranny to Which American Citizens are now being so Unjustly Subjected so as to Facilitate its Eventual Defeat and the Correlative Liberation of  Christ’s Littlest Ones   (cf Mk 10:14, Lk 18:16 et al).

Upon the presumption that Bob Schulz  & WTP, et al are going to continue to attack the Federal Reserve, the IRS, the income tax scam, and the need for the creation of  a non-counterfeit national monetary policy,  this proposed referendum would include only the implementations that we would need to ensure that we (anyone in whom there is so much as a streak of  non-capitulation along with all those whom the Puppeteers would eliminate - were they now already in the position to accomplish the objective - for not being capable of producing enough of something the Puppeteers value for the Puppeteers to consider them of enough  economic utility that their existence would not be considered an unacceptable net burden upon their pagan mother-goddess earth) do not end up in the concentration camps or otherwise as corpuses in mass graves.

Introduction – if there is one iota of exaggeration or embellishment, indeed so much as even a single  smidgeon of so much as an inflection of anything that is unfair to anyone, especially anyone employed by the government in this proposal, let such be brought to the attention of  the author at either address included supra and observations, and/or  suggestions will be taken under advisement with  corrections implemented without delay, as it is certainly not the case that this country can afford to lose so much as one conscientious  and  acceptably accountable government employee and the efforts of  those who can still see how hateful to God this country has become cannot remain unacknowledged  or for that matter unrewarded, lest we lose what little is left of government integrity and accountability in this country or render ourselves deserving to be classified amongst the number of  the ingrates who are not grateful for the efforts of what is now the few to hold back, to the extent to which such objective  can be accomplished, the encroachment and proliferation of  the Reign of  Terror. As adamantly opposed as  the author of  this proposal must necessarily be to corruption and criminality from whatever source it originates, he also admits that there are no small number of  individuals employed by the govt in various capacities who would be  or at least ought to be sorely missed, were they to leave govt employment. Some have to go, some have to be kept from leaving – another of  the innumerable paradoxes that characterize  the human predicament, in the sphere of  the mattes considered in this humble document.

1. Immediate removal of  all foreign troops from U.S. soil.

2. Immediate destruction (not just closing) of  all FEMA Detention Centers.

3. Immediate disarming of  all domestic law enforcement personnel (not to extend to anyone's  2nd Amendment Right to provide for his own self-protection via the ownership and/or use of  firearms while not on-duty), unless and until in each respective, individual case, a sufficiently substantial commitment to  oppose the Reign of  Terror by all legitimate means and to protect the Demonstratively Noncounterfeit Rule of Law would have been demonstrated, in which case any person demonstrating such threshold level commitment could be rearmed. The author of  this proposed referendum knows no other way to ensure the prevention of  the complete enslavement of   the people of  America and the world (with the forcible elimination of  90% of  the world’s population to follow if  the Globalist Slave Keepers get their way) other than the disarming of  all domestic law enforcement entities according to the criteria enumerated supra, and the elimination of  any and all restrictions on the right to keep and bear  and in situations in which there is no other realistic alternative by which to prevent and/or repel unjust aggression and violence, to use, arms; which in fact as Alan Keyes has so convincingly argued ( is in fact not just a right but in fact a duty of  citizenship, in any scenario and/or arrangement in which any such type restriction would leave law abiding U.S. citizens at a disadvantage of strike capacity in the scenario in which any armed entity from whatever source and under whatever auspices or pretext would endeavor to forcibly deny any U.S. citizen the exercise of  any morally established, constitutionally protected, liberty.

3.(a) The enactment of  legislation that would require the term “unilateral disarmament” to be applied in any government sponsored forum in which the pseudonym of  “gun control” would be utilized, in conjunction with the utilization of  the term “gun control” since in essence the unilateral disarmament of  the citizenry is the actual objective that anti-Second Amendment cabal is endeavoring to accomplish in getting the guns out of  the hands of American citizens, which would of  course leave the government at various levels with a monopoly on the use of  force, which would then make possible the mass liquidation of  all non-capitulators according to the same type of agenda which has been employed so successfully by history’s most prolific mass murderers, such as Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Saddam et al, and usher in an age of total enslavement and barbarism – the literal hell on earth which Alex Jones and others have so graphically depicted as the future of  this country and world in the scenario in which guns, cash and non-prison industry manufacturing jobs are completely or at least at a certain threshold level beyond where the situation is now,  eliminated, from the society in which this proposal has been written.

4. Immediate recovery of all national park lands and other lands bequeathed to the United Nations back to the U.S.

5. Immediate repeal of  all bans on concealed and assault weapons so that the country can be brought back to a parity of weaponry between the govt and the citizenry, such as has been the condition in those times and places in which men were most liberated from tyranny and  terror – the worst of  which of  course has always been perpetrated by leaders of  governments against any and all of  whatever group would dare to challenge the type of usurpations and arrogations of  authority to which American citizens are now subjected on a daily basis, throughout this country.

6. (For Illinois) - renaming of   what is now called the "Land of  Lincoln" to the  "Land of  Terror" with reptiles the likes of  Gov. Blasphemous, Rule of  Law-Bludgeoning, Blago,  Att. Gen. Sleasa the Throatslitter (arrest and incarcerate  all the baby rescuers),  Malfeasor for the Massa Damnata, Madigan  and so many members of the “Judasized judiciary” – ie the nonatypical judges in IL {as distinct from the atypical judges, such as Judge McDunn et al (cf., downlink to Chapter 10) {notwithstanding the meritorious and in fact, edifying, conduct, of  a number of Illinois Judges, and even in a few cases, Federal Judges in IL, without whose conduct, the situation in Illinois would be even a thousand times worse than it is - if that is even a metaphysically tenable possibility, given how bad conditions are now, and which conduct the people of  the state can ill  afford to lose - as a whole, the author of  this proposal does not apprehend, based upon the competent evidence probative in regard to the matter contained in   this paragraph, how the group as a whole could possibly be labeled as anything incompatible with the appellation included supra, because for the nonatypical judge in IL both state and federal courts, it is evidently of  no concern whether or not his or her conduct is morally justified or not and thus nothing other than the prospect of  economic loss or the encountering of  the utilization of  physical force in response to the type of malefactions and crimes at any juncture committed by the Orwellian Famhouse Pigs (“OFP”)s (ie the non-atypical judge) is in place to deter the commission of  the type of  malefactions and crimes  which are daily committed by the OFPs  against the “goyim”  – anyone in any way  skeptical regarding the evidence that supports this claim, ought spend a day or even an hour in the courtroom of  a Mary Mulhern, a Kathleen McGury, a J. McCarthy, an R. Reyna, an A. Goldberg, a W. Williams, or a  J. Jordzak amongst the plethora of  OFPs working iniquity in the State Court System, or over at the federal reptile house, an R. Pallmeyer, a J. Gottschall or an A. Keys or some of the other distinguished (by demonstrations of  a distinctively -  for one reason or another - conspicuous commitment to cruelty, sadism and/or just standard garden variety oppression, heavy-handedness and insolent, insubordinate, abusiveness) damage-inflicting, social order-devastating, degenerate despots throwing their weight around over there or examine a pro se appeal or two in the either the local State or Federal  Appellate Courts of Iniquity and try to find a single case in which a party apprehended to be the more favorably financially and politically positioned party in a given dispute, was required  to discharge a burden of  persuasion, or a burden of production or even a burden of pleading}, with oxymoronic “pro-choice”/”rule of  law” S. Ct.  Injustice Mary Ann McMorrow heading the minions  of massa damnata members of  govt at all levels. How McMorrow would justify excluding for example, Hitler or Stalin, from the number who could claim to be champions of  The Rule of Law, under her definition thereof  is a problem that this author has not yet been able to solve. For those who need to assess the evidence in this regard for themselves before they will believe them; the cases of  Richmond v Sheahan {270 F. 3d  430 (Judge Bauer, in dissent, opines that handicapped man’s life cannot compare in importance to the priority of  need for “protocol”  in courts – evidently, the type of  protocol  that  ensures that members of the slave classes cannot pierce the veil and prevent government from defrauding them of  constitutionally protected liberty and property interests, such as for example due process of law)} and In re C.M.A. {306 Ill. App.  3d 1061) (pestiferous cretins (hoping this is not so lenient a description, given the abominations at issue, as to render its user deserving of eternal punishment for not exposing iniquity workers for what they are) Zwick, Quinn and Campbell can conceive of  no “higher purpose” to judicial proceedings than that of  facilitating the  sexual molestation  and correlative spiritual, moral and physical destruction of  innocent defenseless infants by categorically depraved predator lesbians and are appalled that Judge S. McDunn would not disregard the duty of care she owed the infants and the public, not to mention the Ultimate Judge Himself, by not capitulating to the objectively unconscionable demands of  the reprehensible reptiles endeavoring to essentially kidnap and enslave these littlest ones of Christ in what could only be considered to be a living hell on earth – life, if it can be called that and not death,  in the den of  iniquity  of two reprobates conducting activity under  that punishment to which reference is commonly made as the Romans One Curse (Rom. 1:27-37))} provide some insight into the depths of  malice and depravity at which court business in Northern Illinois at this juncture in the descent of Amerika into total barbarism, is conducted in the nonatypical case, while the local U.S. Attorney continues to fatten up and keep his enormous office fed on those ominous  threats to civilization as we know it – Scott Falwell  and  R. Stanley – paper shredders everywhere better be careful, because while the  present U.S. Attorney  for Northern IL, like his predecessors,  will evidently maintain willful blindness, howsoever reprehensible and correlatively morally culpable it might be, to any crimes committed by the OFPs against  any member of  the goyim, howsoever serious they might be,  paper shredding, howsoever comparatively inconsequential, conducted by comparatively harmless lackeys,  simply will not be tolerated. In Illinois, as in most everywhere else in this Godforsaken country at this juncture, the Orwellian Farmhouse Pigs (“OFP”s) are making life for the Rest of  the Specimens on the Farm (“RSF”s) (cf Orwell, G. Animal Farm 1945) a master class-slave class arrangement and are evidently simply pricing any alternatives by which to rectify the plethora of  presently prevailing  injustices other than vigilantism and/or full scale domestic insurrection,  out of  the market. If there is anyone who might be inclined to wonder why in Genesis 6:6, it is written that:  “Yahweh regretted having made man on the earth and his heart grieved,” it certainly would not be necessary to look any further than the non-atypical Illinois Court or for that matter the Governor or Attorney General’s office, or for that matter the vast majority  of  the other governmental, corporate  and legal  offices in Illinois {Senator Derelict Durbin, Mayor Despicable Daley, CCSA Deviant Degenerate Dickey Devine, State Sen J. Cutthroat Cullerton, 7th Cir. C.A.Judges Reprobate Richy. Posner and Despotic Di, Di.. Wood (almost a snapshot cross -sampling of  examples of some of the most cowardly, selfish, self-exalting  and arrogant imbeciles to have plagued this post-fall,  and  expulsion-from-the-garden, earth, since the  experiment in human  freedom was incepted by His Majesty  on that momentous sixth day (cf Gen. 1:31)) are just a few of  the blights on the local landscape at this juncture in this country’s downward descent into total depravity – acknowledging of course, that of, all of  these specimens and all of the  abominable activity of each of  them, are divinely permitted punishments for sins, and for those of us not altogether innocent of  grave sin from baptism, thoroughly deserved, punishments, howsoever distressful they are to have to bear} to see the type of “hearts that “fashion nothing wickedness all day long,” (Gen. 6:5) and how now as then, “ the earth is corrupt in God’s sight and filled with violence,” (Gen. 6:12) to understand Yahweh’s regrets in this regard. Notwithstanding the nonsuperabundance, to understate the case, of  qualities such as nobility, valor, gallantry, chivalry, abhorrence of unstalwartlikeness, or even,  for that matter, simple garden variety decency in the population of  the RSFs at this juncture in the regression of   civilization back into barbarism (ie the types of  dispositions that would result in burden-bearers bringing an end to the violence, oppression and criminality of  any particular collection of OFP’s and liberating themselves and the innocents from the bondage and slavery of such violence, oppression and criminality simply because of the incompatibility of  the presently prevailing arrangement with the classical Camelot motif), it is simply evidently the case, that there are so many gored oxes on the farm, at this juncture and such  an extent of  self-aggrandizement and ostentation, by the OFPs, and  exploitation  by the OFPs of  the RSFs, and inequity  amongst the groups, that once a reasonably respectable insurrection got started, which would not take more than a handful or even less, of  RSFs to initiate; it would seem that it would be impossible for the OFP’s to contain, much less subdue, the groundswell of  public support that would come to the aid of  the liberators against the enslavers and the despicable minions, who in such type lamentable scenario, would choose to defend the existing iniquitous status quo, rather than collaborating with the liberators to eliminate it. Indeed once the masses of  dumbed-down, deceived into a false dependency,  RSFs,  would be brought to realize the extent to which they have been abused and defrauded (None is so terribly enslaved as he who falsely believes that he is free von Goethe) and the seriousness of  the entities in issue, not the least of which, of course, being the prospect of  ending up either exterminated or in conditions akin to those presently extant in Chinese slave labor camps as the only real alternatives to joining such a conjectural liberation effort, it would seem inevitable that the sheer numbers of  RSFs would be far too great a force for the OFPs to stave off and keep enslaved.

7. Immediate repeal of the so-called Patriot  (Punish All Treason Resisters & Instigators of  Opposition to   Terror) Act.

8. A non-counterfeit investigation into the events of  9/11/01, Ok City and WTC 1.

9. The immediate withdrawal of  the U.S. from the abomination of  the United Nations.

10. Elimination of all unmonitored government activity

To the objection that the monitoring of  all government activity  would be,  at present, unaffordable; the short response, is no, that it is  unmonitored government activity that is unaffordable. This issue like that of  every other issue, is all a matter of priorities. The solution to the problem would be simply to eliminate all government activity in regard to which the claim would be made that the monitoring thereof would be unaffordable. (Personally, the author of  this proposal admits he cannot, except in the atypical case,  find, in the balance, much good to say about any government activity in regard to which he is cognizant, and at this juncture he must opine  that it would be difficult, if not impossible - considering the whole of  govt activity in regard to which he is cognizant; if  the choice were between the presently prevailing conditions and an elimination of  all government activity altogether, to not choose the latter, as  this seems to be the only choice that the competent evidence in regard to which such author is cognizant, would morally permit in the scenario postulated, as there just is not enough government activity that has been conducted at  anywhere near enough to what can be identified to constitute a break-even threshold to justify the expenditures needed to keep the voracious and rapacious beast fed – indeed, except for the activity of atypical  govt entities at this juncture, most govt activity in regard to which this author is cognizant, renders the entities responsible therefore in need of being classified in among other appropriate categories, those including that in which are included those  of   public nuisances, fiscal sink-holes, national security problems, parlors of  parasitism, engines of  iniquity and oppression, cesspools of  depravity and malice and menaces to all that is not totally degenerate at this juncture in history). Anyone who can consider Ruby Ridge, Waco, WTC I, Ok City, WTCII and all of  the events of 9/11/01, not to mention all the major historical events that have occurred over the past two hundred years, and claim that unmonitored government activity is a tenable proposition is either one of  the villains in the present warfare for control of   this  country and world ,  or is insane,  mentally incompetent, or a combination two or all three, of  the three.

11. The decriminalization of  vigilantism. - the immediate enactment of legislation to bring the criminal code(s) and criminal prosecution system(s) in place  in the nation and in every state and municipality within it, into an arrangement, given the present conditions of  the court system(s) in place throughout the country at this juncture (which is on  the whole and except in the atypical case(s), based upon the competent evidence available with which to assess the present situation, evidently somewhere between abysmal and appalling, and between atrocious and abominable – evidence in support of such claim, is available upon request, but a truck line or rather, the whole transportation industry, might be needed to transport all of  the evidence in support of such claim that is presently in existence), that would be compatible with the requirements of  God’s moral law. Practically, this would mean the enactment of legislation to prevent the interference  by any  government entity,  conducting its activity under the color of law and behind the pretext of legitimacy, in any manner, form or  way, with activities and conduct conducted and/or implemented by members of  the oppressed classes {ie the burden-bearing common citizens who cannot, except on a contingency basis, in, for example, a personal injury suit, afford a bar-attorney who has enough political influence to obtain a resolution of  a dispute on its merits or otherwise obtain an acceptable outcome to a dispute (not to imply that the ends ever justify the means, which they cannot), amidst the conditions presently existing in the non-atypical court setting, in which deep-pocketed criminal tortfeasors use pestiferous and convictionless chameleon attorneys and  judges to ensure that no burden-bearer – ie net productive and contributing,  citizen - who is   a member of any of   the oppressed  classes – ie  the classes in which are not contained specimens such as lawyers, judges, corporate moguls and celebrities (with of course, the illuminati banker-puppeteers at the very top of  the Luciferian pyramid)  and the mercenaries, sycophants and quislings (ie the rather red than dead, as long as I have my chicken feed, who cares about what happens around me or about what share of  the blame for what is happening in a given case will eventually, on judgment day, be laid at my feet,  Rolph-tories, in clerical and law enforcement positions), whom the oppressors presume will cooperate in the maintenance of  the Reign of Terror arrangement presently in place as the status quo in this God-forsaken country, and whom the puppeteers and slave masters thus, to some extent, protect and accommodate – can ever get a dispute resolved on its merits} that given the conditions prevalent in the non-atypical court in this country would constitute vigilantism and would have been in a given case, necessitated by the presently existing condition in the non-atypical court setting  in which the concept of  justice is defined as  “just us”. In other words, legislation that would prevent the members of  the oppressor class from using and   from continuing to use the presently existing criminal code(s) and criminal prosecution system(s)  for the unjustified financial and political benefit of  the oppressors to the great injury of  the common, oppressed burden-bearers,   must be enacted so as to render the domestic insurrection that is becoming an ever more likely, if not indeed inevitable, development, unnecessary. If the criminal codes and prosecution systems were modified so that conduct that would constitute non-counterfeit (ie conduct necessitated by the combination of  the conditions existing in  non-atypical court system(s),  the corruption and criminality of  non-atypical corporate and government entities and the individuals conducting activity therein and of  the non-atypical attorneys who represent such entities and specimens in the presently prevailing Reign of Terror) vigilantism could never be punished; then the burden-bearers in the oppressed class(es) could settle scores and rectify injustices without having to be subjected to the abuses, duty-breaches and crimes to which such type persons and parties are now subjected in court system(s) in place in this country when such persons participate in court proceedings in endeavoring to obtain redress  of  grievances, against and rectification of  injustices committed against them, by, financially and politically more favorably positioned entities; and such protagonist persons and parties would neither be left without the benefit of the deterrent effect that the prospect of  the utilization of physical force always has and still does and always will, provide, in situations in which such prospect has been, is and/or would be present,  to deter unjust aggression and violence the likes of   which the prospect of  being able to corrupt court proceedings and prevent disputes from being resolved upon their merits according to constitutionally established principles and standards, now causes to induce deep-pocketed tortfeasors to perpetrate, nor without the means to exact the consideration of  what at least  would constitute retributive justice, in every case, and  of  commutative justice in many other cases as well. It is a claim incontrovertible in validity that few arrangements  benefit society more than conditions in which the scales of justice are balanced or at least in which there is provision for their being made to balance; just as few arrangements damage it more than conditions in which the scales of justice remain unbalanced and in which there is no realistic prospect for their being made to balance without recourse to the use of physical force{anyone who disputes this claim ought to read, just for one example among so many suchlike examples which human history provides, the history of  France during the reign of King St. Louis IX (“In any dispute between the rich and the poor, always side with the poor against the rich until the truth is known” – letter to his son) and the subsequent history of  France during the reigns of a number of  his corrupt successor, leading right up to the French Revolution which, of course, the arrogance of  the aristocracy precipitated}. The presently existing “Let them eat cake” arrangement of  conditions in  the united states of America  is intolerable, cries out to heaven for justice and must be rectified if not by nonforceful means, then by the minimal force necessary to eliminate the injustices present, since conditions as they now exist are  not only something not better than slavery, they are  not something  other than slavery, for the burden-bearing common people. As matters now stand, forbearance from the use of  force by  the burden-bearing members of  this society who still constitute not only  all of what is left of  the heart and soul and backbone of  this country, but its only redeeming feature (other than  the children who have not yet reached the age of  reason and who thus necessarily have retained their  innocence, who must also be counted as a redeeming feature of  the moral cesspool of a slave camp that is the abomination  of modern “Amerika”) as well,  to correct unacceptable conditions, rectify injustices and prevent the perpetration of  violence  and criminality, especially by the puppeteers and their puppet-oppressors; so far from resulting in a benefit to such burden-bearers and society at large, in fact has evidently only served and does continue to only  serve to elicit more abuse, violence, and criminality from the puppeteers and the rest of  the collection of specimens that constitutes the oppressor class. Indeed, at present, the burden-bearers and the innocent children are only getting the worst of  all possible arrangements in response to the burden-bearer’s continued non-utilization of  what would constitute the minimal force necessary in a given situation to  deter and or correct the consequences of  the abuses, violence and criminality that the members of  the oppressor class have come to presume that they can continue to inflict with impunity. Verily, there comes a time at which the  continued non-utilization of  physical force by able-bodied burden bearers in opposition to malice, iniquity, violence and criminality, which  at some juncture or other  may have in fact constituted meritorious forbearance  of  the abuses, violence and criminality perpetrated by  the members of  the oppressor class against the oppressed; becomes a reprehensible, shameful, appallingly offensive  and morally unacceptable and  untenable approach to the problem; indeed an approach  which cheats and  defrauds innocent children and the members of future generations of  the consideration due them from able-bodied adults. At a certain juncture, the Orwellian Animal Farmhouse Pigs must be removed from that Farmhouse (the juncture at which it can justifiably be concluded that further utilization of  nonforceful means to accomplish the objective will not result in the rectification and elimination of  injustices perpetrated and present) via the minimal force necessary to accomplish the objective under the pain of  the incurrment of  grave sin for refusing to do so, imputable to the able-bodied who would refuse to do so in a given scenario, according to the indisputable axiom: Qui parcit nocentibus, punit innocentes.

11.a For starters, it is unconscionable for burden-bearers to not be permittedto/to be prohibited from investigate(ing), charge(ing), prosecute(ing) and impose(ing) appropriate punishment upon conviction for  the crimes committed against them by government and corporate entities and  the lawyers who do their bidding, since no law enforcement entity with which the author of  this composition is familiar (excepting atypical cases such as for example the Northfield IL Police, the Manitowac WI Police, Det. J Luscero of  the C.P.D. and other suchlike atypical cases) is willing to be bothered with anything other than politically and financially profitable exercises of authority (which of  course often results in the commission of  the types of crimes and torts against burden-bearers that keep the civil rights attorneys in places like Chicago in the collection of  individuals who receive over a million dollars a year in compensation. (As the question queries: How many families can  the “work” of  a typical Chicago Police Officer feed? None honestly, since the typical CPD Officer  is a pro-abortion, pro-sodomy, parasite who performs no honest service, but several families in total - those of them whose constitutionally protected rights he or she  violates who file civil rights lawsuits that  end up getting adjudicated  in a courtroom other than those of  the many federal judges in the Northern District of IL who conduct their activity according to the “ ‘Let them eat cake’ Orwellian Farmhouse Pig”  approach to such adjudications so pervasively employed in courts in this country in these days,  those of  the sychophant defense attorneys who endeavor to lie and defraud the “under the color of  law criminals” CPD defendants in the civil rights suits out of  responsibility for the criminal and tortuous transgressions they commit (the darlings at Ancel, Clink…, Zinder, and various other viper dens in the area), those of   the civil rights attorneys who prove the criminality and tort liability of the CPD and those of  the court personnel who are kept employed by the proceedings in which the injustices perpetrated are either successfully or unsuccessfully adjudicated).

12. Enactment of a Hatfields & McCoys or  Auschwitz & Buchenwald Amendment. So as to more effectively keep before the eyes of  the public the ultimate consequences of the  alternatives in the Anarchy – Camelot -Totalitarianism Spectrum, the passage of  a bill which would demonstrate via the provision of  anecdotal and other evidence that while the mythical Camelot would be the ideal political-economic-social model, that between the alternatives of  the ultimate worst-case scenario of  anarchy on the one hand  - ie a Hatfields v McCoys environment and totalitarianism on the other – ie the German extermination camps, that the latter is incomparably more horrendous than the former and that if government policy must be established to prevent the greater of  evils, that government must be distrusted and that whatever it takes to prevent a reversion to the Hitlerian, Stalinist and Maoist purges must be implemented as no one other than a Hitler, Stalin, or Mao (or the Satan-worshipping banking cartel members who now invisibly or at least behind the scenes,  run this country) could seriously claim that  the ultimate result of  totalitarianism is not incomparably worse than the ultimate result of anarchy and that thus when in doubt about the trade-offs and opportunity costs of  proposed govt. policies that everything necessary to prevent the govt from exercising too much authority and power, at the expense of  the citizens liberty to keep govt activity within acceptable bounds,  must be done.

13. Legislation establishing a presumption of  illegitimacy against court orders, warrants and criminal summones  issued against and/or served upon citizens who will have been placed on a list of non-capitulators to be maintained at various govt. entities and online, so that in  cases involving any interaction with any law enforcement entity and such persons (excepting  possible instances in which such type person would have been suspected to have committed a felony with a deadly weapon), no arrests or detentions  would be imposed unless and until a given non-capitulator would have been accorded an opportunity in  a given case to go before a magistrate or judge and explain whatever conduct would have resulted in the issuance of  any of  the types of documents enumerated supra. (This measure would save the public immensely in civil rights damages and legal fees, as non-capitulators are so frequently unjustifiably and illegally

arrested and imprisoned  and they invariably sue and are in a position to prevail even inspite of  the corrupt and criminal conditions of the court systems). After the Six Day  (10/15-10/21/03) False Imprisonment, Torture and Attempted Murder of  Teresa Schiavo Atrocity, it ought be formally declared that all those  who made substantial sacrifices in endeavors  ordered to the accompishment of  the rescue of Teresa, ought have their names on the type of list to which reference has been included herein supra.

14. Out of the horrific six day Schiavo ordeal to which reference has been included supra, must come the formal declaration of standards according to which persons situated in the position of  each government actor who acted in this matter must comport their respective activity(ies) in order to prevent the incurrment of  criminal and tort liability in situations such as this. To begin with, legislatures everywhere must formally acknowledge and declare that the Constitution of  the U.S. is an iron-clad contract in writing  which must be liberally interpreted in the favor of  the non-preparer – ie the citizen, for the protection of  rights and property (cf. 2nd Am Jur Const. Law, 58); and that no individual acting under the color of  law or any pretext or appearance of  legitimacy conferred by the exercising of  authority alleged to correspond to the holding of a given government office can ever implement any measure, the implementation of  which will foreseeably result in the incurment of  some substantial prejudice, damages and/or harm to a citizen, except in the situation in which the government actor’s claim to so act, is clear and free from and reasonable doubt.

(Defined in the alternative,  such formal declaration must promulgate that  a government actor is obliged to refrain from acting, until he or she possesses a claim to act that is clear and free from doubt and that in a case in which the presumption of  legitimacy of  an order is raised by the party prospectively subject to prejudice, damages and/or harm from the enforcement of  directives contained therein, the government actor must do what must be done to reach certitude that the enforcement of  such type directive would be lawful before proceeding  to implement any enforcement measure).

15. The institution of  whatever measures need be instituted to accomplish the deputization of   certain persons, whose deputization would evidently be not only justified in the circumstances in which the country now finds itself, but  whose deputizations are, at this juncture, for reasons more thoroughly set forth in the website of  the DNRCPN (, incontrovertibly, necessary, if  avertable disasters, the likes of which have repeatedly afflicted human history in cases in which there has not been  a significantly extensive fear of God in the population and/or parity of weaponry between the government and the citizenry in a given body politic (cf. J.L Malcolm, ___, Harvard Law Review ____) to deter the types of violence and criminality to which burden-bearing citizens are now regularly subject at such an alarming and disturbing rate at the hands of  the members of  the oppressor class.

16. The institution via legislative enactment of  an acknowledgement by various legislative bodies that the non-counterfeit burden/standard of care according to which able-bodied citizens must conduct their activity when dealing with financially and politically more favorably positioned parties (above all the government at various levels) is  that in regard to any petition for relief which any able-bodied citizen  ever submits to any private or public entity,  that there are only four alternatives which such citizen  possesses the authority to accept without himself incurring culpability for the errors, malefactions, sins and crimes committed by another person or party in the case in which such citizen would ultimately, even after not having received an acceptable resolution of  a given petition for the redress of a given grievance, continue to refrain from using what in a given case could be identified to constitute the minimal force necessary to rectify a given injustice; which alternatives are: a.) the granting of  the relief sought, b.) a denial of  the relief sought accompanied by an explanation which explains the legitimacy of  such conjectural denial, providing both findings of fact and conclusions of  law in regard thereto, c.) an explanation explaining how any disposition of  a petition for relief  according to any approach or method other than a.) or b.) supra would be compatible with the requirements, including prescriptions, liberties and proscriptions, explicitly stated and/or implicitly present in Title 18 of  the U.S. Code, the provisions of the criminal law in the State of Illinois, the provisions of  the constitutions of  the State of IL and of the U.S. of A., the common law tradition and beyond that  the moral law  from which such provisions orginally emanate, or d.) some other non-counterfeit alternative, demonstratively not incompatible with the Non-counterfeit Rule of Law Standard (cf, which alternative has not been enumerated herein. In other words such type legislative enactment would acknowledge that the able-bodied do not possess the authority to accept any disposition of  any petition for the redress of any grievance that  does not provide what can be identified to constitute adequate and acceptable consideration in the conditions present in a given scenario, without resorting to the utilization of the minimal force that in a conjectural scenario could ensure that such type and measure of  consideration would not be left unprovided or to phrase the matter alternatively, that the scales of  justice in a given case would not be left unbalanced.

17. That various legislative entities  issue declarations acknowledging that  without the implementation of  most if not all of  the measures enumerated supra, that the alternative of  compliance with civil laws and court orders, is in large measure (the obligation to stop a vehicle at almost all red lights  and other suchlike duties will continue to bind  consciences howsoever bad conditions become),  for  the burden-bearing citizens who constitute what is  left of   the conscience of  America, being  priced right out of the market.

18. The elimination of  every picture of  smiling judges or for that matter any govt. official(s) as the activity of  so many judges and other govt officials at this juncture,  has been causing and is causing so much pain, affliction and distress in people’s lives, that pictures with smiling officials, especially judges and prosecutors, are like salt poured into the wounds caused by their injustices – those smiles  sting and they incite not only justified opposition – including the commitment to use whatever morally legitimate force would be necessary and correlatively justified in a given case to overturn injustice(s), but also, incite amongst the non-God-fearing, violence (the unjustified use of  force) in retaliation for the injustices perpetrated by the smilers, many of  whom are in fact not just laughing about the fact that they are collecting a compensation and benefit package without having to earn it, but whom are genuinely sadistic specimens (much  of  the  judicial conduct at issue simply cannot be imputed to the nonatypical prevailing motif of  contemporary judicial conduct of  not recognizing that any duty of  care is owed to common burden-bearing citizens, rather many of  these judges find a perverse gratification in inflicting pain upon those evidently less favorably positioned so long as they can get away with it with impunity).

19. Amendment of 18 USC 2381 – 2385 so as to explicitly exclude measures implemented by American citizens to prevent the enslavement and/or extermination of American citizens (or anyone else for that matter) by the government under or for that matter not under the direction of the Globalists, from prosecution under any of such statutes. One possible example of how this statute could be amended would be via among other additions, this one: No endeavor undertaken or measure implemented for purpose of emancipating America from the control of the international banking cartel and/or any entity working with any members thereof shall be subject to prosecution under any of the statutes promulgated under 18 USC 2381-2385.

20. Amendment of 18 USC 2381-2385 to include the subjection to prosecution of all activities enumerated in those statutes which are conducted without manifest utilization of force and/or violence and/or the acknowledgement of the source from which such force or violence would have emanated so as to bring the activity of the treason-committing subversives who have been destroying this country for so long into the reach of those laws.

With just the implementation of  these few measures, most importantly #'s 1-5 (maybe # 10 is actually the most important of  all), the teeth can largely be pulled on the terror, the flames of  the fire-breathing dragon can be doused and America can at least be liberated from the imminent prospect of  the forced enslavement and elimination  of  all of  her "not-rather-red-than-dead" citizens.

The FEMA red and blue listers would be out from under the guillotine, at least until the Globalists would respond with some other counter-offensive. To those who continue to take for granted what is left of  the liberties purchased for the citizens of  this country at such a prohibitive price, and who still refuse to read the  proverbial "writing on (and indeed, all over) the wall" in regard to the imminence and extent of  the threat of  the Globalist Takeover, this must be emphasized: "Whether you realize it or not, your freedom is still being paid for by the sacrifices, vigilance and militancy of  that group of citizens that continues to prepare for the worst - and it is evidently incontrovertably the case that  if  not for the grace of God, the ceaseless exclamations  and expositions  of  the work of  the Illuminati Globalists by the Alex Jone's  and suchlike sentinels and the fact that there are still 140 million gun owners in America  and enough individuals within that group that will not hesitate to use whatever minimal measure of  force is necessary to defeat the attemped takeover or at least risk losing the life that ends at death in whatever conflicts would result from a refusal to permit the takeover to be perpetrated without opposition; that it is evidently the case that most of you would have been 'escorted' to the concentration camps or mass graves, some time ago." "Wake up America, a cage is being built around you and those who have eyes to see it can readily see the ambush in which the country is presently imperiled  and the measures that need to be implemented to liberate this country from the total enslavement, dehumanizaton and barbarism  - a veritable 'living hell on earth'  that a successful Globalist Takeover would entail. Each one must decide for himself if  such decision has not already been made in a given case,  whether he will side with the “Let them eat cake", Luciferian Agenda, Advocating Orwellian Farmhouse Pigs or the Fiat justicia, ruat caelum! (“Let justice be done though the heavens fall!”) liberators as matters are coming to a point at which there will be no acknowledgement of  any middle position by any of  the liberators. On the contrary, those not with the agenda of liberation (acknowledging the legitimacy of  the alternative of intra-entity covert sabotage of the Reign of  Terror Agenda) will be presumed to be with, at some measure or another,  the agenda of Lucifer, and will have to be for the sake of  the accomplishment of  the prevention of  the greater evil, treated accordingly.

(The non-inclusion in this referendum of  any treatment of  the absolute necessity of immediately re-criminalizing the production, distribution and sale of pornography, abortion and sodomy of  any and every sort, respectively, ought not be construed to constitute a placement of  those matters explicitly addressed herein above these three crucial sine qua nons for the recovery and reestablishment of anything remotely resembling Christendom. Explanations of  the need to re-criminalize these three social order destroying evils can be found in various places in the website of the DNRCPN at

 (Defined in the alternative,  such formal declaration must promulgate that  a government actor is obliged to refrain from acting, until he or she possesses a claim to act that is clear and free from doubt and that in a case in which the presumption of  legitimacy of  an order is raised by the party prospectively subject to prejudice, damages and/or harm from the enforcement of  directives contained therein, the government actor must do what must be done to reach certitude that the enforcement of  such type directive would be lawful before proceeding  to implement any enforcement measure).

Recommended Types of Non-violent Bounty Proposals to be Added

RJM Addendums of 11/26/03 21. Making a condition of the acceptance and holding of a judicial office that no judicial officer can attend dinners, banquets nor other suchlike social functions, so that the damage, harm, affliction and grief that is perpetrated upon society’s burden bearers by a non-atypical judge still on the bench and conducting activity at this juncture in history, does not give rise to the comparative enormity of resentment and bitterness which it has to this juncture caused in the victims of the many judicial abuses and crimes committed.


22. Imposition of a moratorium for judges teaching at law schools so that law students are not taught to become even more criminal and cannibalistic than the majority already are and that society is to as substantial a measure as such objective can be accomplished, protected from the teaching of malice and criminality to those who would then put what would have been learned from judicial criminals into practice, which of course would only contribute to the exacerbation of the types of problems now afflicting society.