Docket – telephone harassment

9/---/-- RJM received notice dismissing appeal for want of prosecution,

RJM received notice from Court that last date upon which motion to reconsider could be filed would be 9/27/02

9/27/02 RJM mailed motion to reconsider w/ postmark.

10/03/02 RJM received letter from Ad Att C. Wile

6/19/02 – appearance in branch 47

6/18/02 left messages with G.danek

6/13/02 filed motions w/ clerk of  br 47

woman alleging false arrest stopped me – Judge Marovich 00 cv 5867 outside Daley center

1/3/01 – rjm filed motion for transcripts

Chris White False arrest to add to T Perkins, L Green Dr Johnston, V Troyan, M. Garcia, J. Ojer

9/---?—met with LT Darcy, &faxed Babbitt document to LT Darcy

Add all counts against city of chicago

9/20/02 – filed complaint # 02 C 6736 with USDC Judge Marovich 120 days is Jan 17th day upon which complaints must be served

6/14/02 filed motions in Circuit Court for 6/19/02 re existing procedures,

6/19/02 appeared in Court motion had not been spindled

6/21/02 appeared w/ Greg Danek, motion denied – want of  jurisdiction,

6/21/02 endeavored to file police report with 1750 s. State, Huerta forced RJM to leave Blding, see aff of  RJM & aff of  LeVanta Huff,

6/25/02 –went to flournoy & tried to file complaint – no report – waited until 13:00 & appeared before Judge Luckman, went & spoke to police on Harrison Officer Males notifed RJM that CPD would not take cross complaint  Badge 7097, spoke to Detective who told me to have desk officer file report then Males ordered her not to.

6/26/02 – went to 3510 S. Michigan to obtain RD HH458570,

6/27/02 – reported to 3150 w.Flournoy to file criminal complaint,  P.O. Grannes said he would’nt take report, said Gebhart would not authorize swearing of a summons,

Gebhart stated that the claim as articulated would not enable him to prosecute, RJM notified Gebhart that if this claim could not be prosecuted according to the wording of  the applicable statute, that on that reasoning, RJM could never have been charged with what he was charged with. Gebhart had committed the error of  “assuming facts in evidence”. RJM left a copy of  a notice titled telharaff6/25/02 & an affidavit titled “Affidavit of  Asst. Cook County State’s Attorney Mr. Gebhart… see telhar6-27-02aff


RJM completed notification form & left copy under door & completed affidavit & left copy of it under warrant officer’s office.


2/15/02 left message with G Danek notifying him of  attempts to resolve

filed motion in Ill App court on 2/22/02 re speedy trial

left message with G Danek on 2/28/02 notifying him of RJM’s efforts to resolve appeal issue

3/20/02 left message with G Danek

combative, aggressive profession such as law Bray v alexandria women’s … 113 S.Ct 759-60