For: USCA for the 7th Circuit, Deputy Clerk Eric Frost
     While constraints to which RJM is presently, howsoever incompatible with his own predilections, subject, due to his having far more tasks to accomplish than the time available necessary to adequately accomplish them all, prevent RJM from now expounding beyond the scope of the conveyances herein postulated regarding the contribution made by USCA for the 7th Circuit, Deputy Clerk Eric Frost in the discharge of the duties of  his office to the rescue of  the Non-counterfeit Version of  the Rule of Law, nonetheless, lest the interests of  His Majesty Christus Regnat in the rescue of such entity of such incomparable importance, not be adequately accommodated due to RJM's not providing testimony of credit when and where it is evidently due, it is herein declared that:

In matters concerning Robert J. More, Mr. Eric Frost has on  consistent basis which has been entirely devoid of even a single exception, provided service in the discharge of the duties of his office  which  has been superior to that of almost any similarly situated official in regard to whose record of conduct, RJM is familiar.

Comment: There has never been an instance in which this Deputy Clerk has attended to any matter in which RJM has ever been involved, in which RJM can ever recall there having been even the slightest fault of any type. Since the activity  of  this Clerk has been nothing but a source of relief and assistance for RJM in a world in which RJM encounters a seemingly endless amount of affliction and distress - due evidently for the most part to the seriously distorted priorities and correlative sinfulness of  the vast majority  of  the present members of the society in which this document has been composed and since RJM simply cannot afford to not encounter more suchlike activity in everything in which RJM is involved, RJM feared that he would be remiss in His Majesty's service, were he not to provide this testimonial, howsoever hastily prepared and lacking in justice to the measure of  consideration such Clerk has provided on every single occasion in which RJM has been blessed to encounter him. RJM salutes the performance referenced herein supra and Mr. Frost himself for the measure to which he has succeeded in  refusing to become jaded by the corrosive effect of having to work in a building in which as many predations and as much injustice  are/is perpetrated under the color of law and the pretext of  legitimacy every hour of every day, as is the case in the Dirksen Federal Building in Chicago, IL. Dealing with this Clerk, it is RJM's understanding has helped RJM from becoming  a person possessing even fewer redeeming qualities than RJM indisputably presently possesses, while dealing with most people in this society, it is RJM's understanding has made RJM worse than he would be were he not to have to deal with such persons.

       In a nutshell, RJM absolutely dreads having to submit any document to a Diane Wood, a Richard Posner or a Joel Flaum, as RJM is always certain from the track record of these persons and those of similar ilk on the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, that the devil will all but inevitably succeed in controlling everything that such type persons do and that substantially diminishes RJM's prospects of procuring a happy ending out of  his earthly tour of duty. In the midst of this dread, due to the evil present with which RJM must deal in the matters herein referenced, is the evidently entirely disinterested, un-prima-donna like, non-partisan, straightforward, even-handed and unobtrusive conduct of Mr. Frost. The man is a breath of fresh air in a smoke filled room, who is most definitely not just another selfish coward parasite who is endeavoring to procure something without paying the just price therefore. Every time RJM has to call the Office for the 7th C.C.A. he prays that Mr. Frost will answer the phone. For the contribution Mr. Frost makes to sparing persons such as RJM grief, and lightening the onerous burdens we must bear (if  the  only judges in the 7th C.C.A.  were Judges Manion, Sykes and Ripple, what an invigorating experience - if  admittedly still burdensome and laborious, it would be, to seek relief from this Court!!!!!!!!, instead of  the horrendous and intolerably burdensome and distressing affliction it presently is) for never endeavoring to justify the unjustifiable, nor acting as if it is an imposition to accommodate any given proposal and for never demonstrating any bias against the poor and miserable wretches who have no choice but to petition the 7th C.C.A. in a given instance, the Institute of St. Michael the Archangel herein provides this testimony  in the form of a saluation and expression of appreciation to whomever raised such an unspoiled and unselfish person - evidently a rival for the all-but-incomparably unselfish and unspoiled John Curran, if there ever was one.

       RJM herein nominates this Clerk to be appointed to replace several of  the judges presently conducting activity in the U.S. Court of  Appeals Seventh Circuit and also for the position of Chief Clerk of the U.S.C.A. for the 7th Circuit.
       If the reception of a  favorable testimonial from someone as unpopular in the Dirksen Federal Building as RJM lamentably, so obviously is, would not be in the evident best interests  of  His Majesty Christus Regnat  and the recipient thereof, then in such circumstances, RJM would retract whatever would have been submitted, so that RJM's activity would never injure such interests, but would always advance them.                       

Signed this 18th day of  the 11th month of the year 2008 Anno Domini -  Robert J. More
cc. SCOTUS C. J. J. Roberts,