Revised as of 3/23/03

A thousand dollar reward has been established for anyone who can accomplish the objective explicated in the second paragraph of  this document.

For starters, can anyone answer even  just one of  the following five question? If the true intentions of  U.S. President George W. Bush and all of  those employed by the federal government in its various branches is to protect American citizens from terrorist attacks, why 1. has the U.S. Mexican border remained in a condition that can only  be identified to constitute  an unprotected status since 9/11/01, with thousands of  Mexicans, Russians, Czechs, Chinese, Middle Eastern people, Indians, etc, etc  and violent  felons of  every nationality being permitted to enter the U.S. each day, without any authorization from any government entity?, why has the rate of pay for border patrol guards been cut, while other government entities have received massive increases in funding? 3. why are law enforcement personnel employed in the U.S. being offered $85, 000 to $96, 000 per year to leave their jobs in America and go on foreign U.N. “peacekeeping” missions?, 4. why is the U.S. Military actively recruiting (ala Hitler) immigrants  convicted of  every sort of  violent crime in other countries to join it? Finally, why prior to 9/11/2001, did Bush issue P.D.D. W1-99(i), threatening with arrest any FBI agent who interfered with the activity of  members of Al Qaeda? Are these the type of measures that would be implemented to protect Americans? Can a sane person justify believing that it was it to protect Little Red Riding Hood, that the canis lupus specimen pretending to be her grandmother in that story invited her to get into the grandmother’s bed?

On to the $1000 dollar challenge:

My objective when I started my investigation of  the matters addressed herein infra, was to  prove Alex Jones Sherman Skolnick and the “conspiracy theorists” - the people who were intimating or outrightly calling George Bush and the International Banking Cartel for whom he and the rest of  the individuals employed by the federal government allegedly actually work (“Bush et al”),  (a) treasonist(s) and (a) mass-murderer(s) after the events of   WTC I, OK C B, WTC II-9/11/2001, wrong about the innumerable claims that had been made in regard to matters which so critically affect the lives, prospects, and destinies of each and of  all (ie an attempted Globalist takeover of the U.S. & the  world), without even a single exception, of the world’s present inhabitants,  and of  all persons yet to be born into this vale of  tears that is the Post-Eden human condition, and ….(the conclusion of this sentence is at the end of  the CONCLUSION)



According to the directives and correlative prescriptions present in among other places in scripture, Rom 13:1-7, RJM is predilected on a natural basis to a conspicuously substantial extent, to respect, trust and obey “ U.S. President” George W. Bush  and the rest of  the individuals directing the government of  the united States of  America at this juncture in her history (“Bush et al”). Based upon the evidence that Alex Jones and others have presented in regard to the number of  issues addressed in this document infra, RJM does not see how anyone could morally justify respecting, trusting or obeying Bush et al (except  to continue to obey in certain circumstances  and according to certain norms according to the principles of  cooperation in evil that have long been employed by credible moralists in assessing the morality of  a given course of  conduct eg- while a citizen in a criminal regime is obliged to disobey unjust laws and orders, he or she is still obliged to obey laws and orders that are not inherently unjust in cases in which obedience thereto would not result in the causing of  foreseeably  greater evil(s) than whatever evil(s) would foresseeably  result from disobedience thereto). Consequently, because the implications of  the claims that Jones et al are making are staggeringly, to grossly understate the matter, far-reaching, RJM is respectfully requesting that anyone who can identify errors in the claims Jones et al are making, provide the invaluable service to RJM et al of   exposing any errors that might have been made and of  demonstrating, if anyone would claim that Alex Jones et al are in error in regard to these matters, the areas in which they conjecturally  are in error,  in regard to the claims they are making regarding the attempted  Globalist takeover of the world. If someone can only provide noncounterfeit claims according to which persons, such as RJM can participate and cooperate in the Bush Agenda, which Jones et al claim is the agenda of  a Globalist takeover, RJM et al would be eternally grateful for having been provided such.

In other words, if there is a formula whereby one can just “get along and go along” with what has been going on in this country and the world , and still not get punished for eternity for complicity in the enslavement and genocide that the NWO calls for (or if someone can demonstrate that the Globalist agenda does not call for such enslavement and genocide, in spite of  the existence of  all the  documents and conveyances in which that agenda is explicated), if someone would explain what exactly that formula would be, an enormous service to RJM et al as  well as everyone else, would have been provided.


3/17/03  -To  anyone to whom a video tape re the globalist takeover has been given, or to anyone who has not yet received one: 40 months ago, i received from Mrs. Devvy Kidd (www.devvy.com) a tape – Has Rome Become the Seat of  the Antichrist? that forever changed my life. Prior to that juncture i had believed that the Catholic Church taught that persons could be saved outside of  the Catholic Church. Within 3 months of  receiving that tape i came to understand that the Non-counterfeit Catholic Church has always taught that everyone who dies outside of the confines of  the Catholic Church goes to hell without exception and that any church that teaches to the contrary cannot possibly be and is not the Noncounterfeit Catholic Church.
It has been an arduous, laborious  and fatiguing fight to retain sanctifying grace or at least to presumably retain it since then, as the requirements of  the moral law are not always immediately apparent and I have had to change my entire mode of  thinking to bring it into compatibility with the principle of non-contradiction and the metaphysical and immutable principle present in canon 2200.1 of the 1917 code of canon law, which identifies the cases in which malice and not good faith must be presumed regarding the motivations of a  given party's conduct in a case in which a law is violated. The difficulty of  having had to continue to conduct activity in  a society in which the worst of atrocities is hourly committed upon the presumption of good faith, when such atrocities are obviously committed through a malicious disposition is something that would require volumes to adequately explain.

Recently i have become more aware through the reading of  Devvy Kidd, Sherman Skolnick (www.skolnick. com) and now the viewing of  several Alex Jones (www.infowars.com) tapes and some others of  the magnitude of another related problem which affects everyone regardless of how ignorant of  these effects anyone is.
Without an understanding of a number of factors, I do not see how  anyone can understand the events of  9/11/01 and the subsequent developments well enough to properly respond to them.
Some of  those factors are:
1. The Satanic beliefs and practices of  U.S. President George W. Bush, his father and the Illuminati and the persons who run the U.S. and the world  & the effect of  the activities of  these persons, whose number includes most prominently  the world's bankers on world and u.S. history over the past 250 years - their control over what controls your daily life & the fact that Bush et al must evidently be classified as wolves in sheeps' or in what might be a more appropriate analogy, due to their possession of positions of authority, shepherd's clothing, and that they have no qualms even about shedding the  blood of  innocent children to accomplish their aims. The claim that any of  the decision makers in the planned Globalist takeover have any concerns about the morality of their activity is simply entirely incompatible with the track record of their activity. The feigned opposition to abortion of  the Bush Administration as pathetically token even as it is,  is evidently nothing other than a strategy with which to deceive the members of  the “soft” or “psuedo” political right, without whose support the Republicans would lose the measure of  political power that they possess. 3. The banking practices of  the world’s bankers and banks, including most especially debt-based monetary systems  and fractional reserve banking, the rolling of  the economy (ie the artificially contrived business cycle), the alleged emptying of  the gold supply in Fort Knox.etc, etc. 4. The so-called wars on drugs, and  poverty, the movement to a cashless society, the almost total control of  education at all levels by the banker controlled government and foundations, and the similar control of  all major media outlets, the shills and false leaks and false whistleblowers planted in given cases to deceive the public into believing that   those who run the  government in this country still permit free public discourse and expressions of opposition to government activity at this juncture in history and the imposition of  innumerable constraints on your liberty which are unheard of in u.S. history. 6. The problem-reaction-solution strategy which is what Nero used in 64 A.D. in burning  Rome to turn public opinion against the Christians, what the u.S. used in 1898 in sinking the Maine to bring the U.S. into the Spanish- American war, the non-prevention of  the sinking of  the Lusitania in 1915 to bring the U.S into WWI, Hitler’s burning of  the Reichstag as a means to  seize control of Germany, the nonprevention of  the attack on Pearl Harbor to bring the U.S. into WWII, and the applications of  that formula that  the banker-controlled treasonists running the U.S. Govt have been using to facilitate the Globalist takeover, 7. most especially in  the actual events of  the first WTC bombing, OK City Bombing, and  of 9/11/01. 8. the destruction of  the Constitution and Bill of  Rights which has followed, and the agenda of  the Globalists to create  and orchestrate further terrorist disasters in order to impose complete martial law which will enslave all those who do not resist it and attempt to eliminate all those who do. I would strongly suggest that after converting to Noncounterfeit Catholicism, that  everyone view Alex Jone's 8 videos, Anthony Hilder's Illuminazi 911, The Terrorist Attacks On The WTC and Bill Still's The Moneychangers for starters. 

Since no one is more highly committed to exposing vacuous conspiracy theories than is RJM which is why RJM advises everyone to get the actual facts regarding these matters from Alex Jones and those who are not blinded by carnal self-interest, so that the true conspirators do not continue to benefit from the concealment of  their aims and activities and from the many false claims they produce as strawmen in an attempt to discredit those who are aware of their agenda and activity and who are endeavoring to expose it.
If  enough people wake up soon enough the attempted Globalist takeover can still be prevented, if not, they will definitely succeed in taking over America and the world and they will then forcibly eliminate 80% of  the world's population and leave 80% of those left living in conditions such as presently exist in the slave camps of  Communist China. Read the government documents on these claims (The Northwoods document  is a good place to start, U.N documents etc).

You say you don’t believe it. Explain the assassinations of  Presidents Lincoln, Garfield and Kennedy, and the attempted assassination of  Jackson, the suspected one of Harding. Explain the “falling over the balcony” of  the woman who exposed the emptying of  Fort Knox by the Rockefellers, the innumerable assassinations  Skolnick enumerates in his website, those Devvy Kidd enumerates in her site, etc, etc., etc. Explain the order Bush issued to prevent FBI agents from arresting Al Qaeda operatives before 9/11/01. This could go on forever.
There are no innocent bystanders in this fight. Non-opposition constitutes complicity, whether that non-opposition be caused by ignorance or any other causes, because any such type ignorance is imputable presumably to corrupted priorities, like those of  the German people that facilitated Hitler's atrocities. RJM again apologizes to anyone who might be reading this for the extent to which his own lack of correspondence to grace and/or sins of  omission and/or commission have contributed to the causing of  the problem. Wake up people  - get out of the trap to which reference is made in 2 Tim 2:24 & into the true Church Mt 16:18 and then realize a cage is being built around the  U.S. and around the world and act to oppose that agenda before it is too late.


If you are reading this, you are targeted for either elimination, as not only everyone amongst the number of  the elderly, sick, disabled, poor (and noncaucasians that cannot entertain the “Bread and Circuses” Globalists at a substantial enough level to obtain classifications of  “protected from elimination for utility or “entertainment” purposes”), and everyone who will not execute  the person next to him on command without question (regardless if  you are even a Rothschild neighbor from Frankfurt), must be in the minds of  these mass murderers and will be, eliminated, as a threat to the Globalist Prison Planet System or for slave labor the likes of which can be seen in Communist China today or for some role in the maintenance of  an arrangement  that will resemble  the very worst of  the conditions of  slavery that existed in   the Ante-bellum American South, in the German and Russian concentration camps and in the present Chinese slave labor camps. Far worse than the temporary consequences of  the Globalist takeover, should it succeed, would be the prospect of having to answer at Judgment Day the questions as to where you were and what you did, avoided doing, refrained from doing and/or neglected to do during the period leading up to and during the takeover as it is simply incontrovertible that the answer to Cain’s question as to whether he was his brother’s keeper (cf Gen 4:9) provided by Yahweh was and for all times and all persons and peoples is and always will be, an unequivocal “yes”, for “from man in regard to every man, I will require an accounting (Gen 9:5).”  FYI, in case further reminder be necessary, it is perennially despicable to not be concerned about God’s glory and what happens to other people.  (completion of  the second paragraph of  the PROLOGUE)I have failed categorically and entirely to accomplish such objective of disproving the claims Jones et al are making.

On the contrary, Bush et al have made  believers out of  this one person, that truth is not only far stranger, but also incomparably more dangerous than fiction, and that iniquity has almost totally expelled good from the earth during  this tragic period (cf Mt. 24:14, 2 Tim 3:15, Rev. 12:14 et al)  in human history; that evil presented under the guise of  good is incomparably more dangerous than  evil presented as evil, and finally, that non-opposition to the attempted Globalist takeover cannot but possibly constitute gravely  sinful culpability in it and in all of  the atrocities that will follow if it succeeds. Based upon as thorough an assessment of  the “competent” (ie authenticated, with- foundations-adequately-established, not-disproved or undermined or evidently  incompatible with  competent,  evidence, that would support contrary claims, tested to an identifiably threshold measure of probativity) evidence in regard to which assessment has been made by RJM, RJM does not apprehend how he could  possibly conclude that Bush et al deserve to be classified and considered as protectors of  anyone or anything other than a Satanic, monstrously abominable, barbaric and cannibalistic agenda and whatever measure of  criminality  attaches to them all for measure of  complicity in the sins and crimes Alex Jones and others have so proficiently chronicled (besides the retribution deserved  for the countless deaths and suffering unjustifiably caused, the bankers owe Americans and others whose economies they have criminally seized and controlled,  trillions of  dollars in monetary damages) is respectively imputable to them. RJM is not cognizant of any competent evidence upon which  Bush et al could possibly be classified as  non-predators. Nor is RJM  cognizant of any competent evidence upon which it could possibly be claimed that Bush et al are not now positioned in a position analogous  to that in which the creature that was occupying the bed in which Little Red Riding Hood  (“Red”) had come to expect her  grandmother  to occupy at the juncture at which that story unfolds for its readers, nor that their intentions are any lest sinister than were those of  that creature in regard to Red, nor that it would be any less shameful for able-bodied persons to neglect to come to the rescue of  all of  the children of  America and the world than it would have been for the woodsmen in that story to abandon Red to the terrifying fate she would have encountered had they not intervened in time to prevent her from having been devoured.

If  Alex Jones  claims are vacuous, why has not anyone yet refuted them? If  they are legitimate, what justification is there for  able-bodied persons having at their disposal so many means by which to prevent the devouring of  LRRH’s uncountable not to use every legitimate means available to liberate America and then the world before it is too late to fight anything other than a war in which there would be no legitimate prospect of  succeeding at any higher a level  than the demonstrating of  an unwillingness to accept total enslavement  and/or to bow down to false gods?

READER – WAKE UP!!!! Do you realize that there are veterans in this war that can produce quantums of  evidence that but for the resistance that they have put up and have been providing against the  attempted takeover, that it would have already been completed long ago – ie, 2000, 1984, 1976, and for that matter so many who have already died fighting it – ie. JKF 1963, Senator J.P. McFadden 1931, Rep. Chas Linburgh 1922, W.J.Bryan 1912, Pres. J. Garfield 1881, Pres. A. Lincoln 1865, etc., etc., etc?

Finally, for those who still remain wedded to the avoid-conflict-at-all-costs approach to the destruction and danger in our midst, and who refuse to even consider the issues raised herein, ask yourself this question – if  the claims Alex Jones et al are making are not simply in-the-balance-too credible-to-disbelieve, why would anyone in his or her  right mind not just believe Bush et al, rather than willingly pitting him or herself against the potential application of  the mightiest military force the world has ever known? In other words, who is adopting and/or maintaining a compatible with carnal interest position and who is, out of whatever combination of  imperfect motives, as all human motives (excepting the BVM’s) to some extent, invariably are, adopting, or as the case may be, maintaining, a contrary to carnal interest position in this colossal matter? and if  you are a person who cannot for some reason or will not, get to the bottom of  issues so critical to your own welfare, and turn them inside out, who would it be more easy to justify having believed; those who with God’s grace, overcame their carnal interests and  refused to capitulate to the prospect of  torture and execution and continued to oppose the monsters bent on devouring the LRRH’s   or those who capitulated thereto and permitted the LRRH’s to be devoured? One other question for the not-so-noble amongst the population of  this country: If Alex Jones is not wrong in claiming that Bush, the International Banking Cartel and individuals working at various levels of  the U.S. Government were responsible for the horrifying tragedy of 9/11/2001, what are YOUR personal  prospects of not becoming a future victim of  such-like atrocities if you do not now do what can still be done to prevent the destruction of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and  imposition of martial law in the U.S., and the subsequent complete enslavement of the U.S. and the world – which would be the only true purpose of the destruction of  those documents and the imposition of martial law, in the plans for which enslavement, is included of course, provision for not more than at the very most, not more than  one in every sixty of  the world’s persons not being either forcibly eliminated or  left to finish earthly life in the type of conditions now prevailing in the Chinese slave labor camps? Sound not-so-appealing? What has your own sloth, apathy, anemia, complacency, ingratitude, selfishness and/or cowardice contributed to the problem, and what will you contribute to a real solution, NOW (and in the future if  the heroic efforts of  the few protectors who have contributed to holding off the Globalists from the complete takeover they have been seeking, for all these years, and which they now have shown themselves to be more highly committed  and closer to accomplishing than ever before  as the protectors  have continued to buy time for everyone, continue to bear the burden that you – wretched and ingrateful reader refuse to help bear) before the only solution left is either a blood martyrdom or dying in armed conflict in which the only type of success that would be accomplishable  would be that of having died fighting terror and evil, rather than having capitulated to it?

 An affidavit is included herein in which individuals who have been presented this document can explain their response to it. All favorable responses will be kept out of  the DNRCPN website unless request is made that they be included therein. All responses indicative of a derilection of  the obligation to oppose the murder of  innocent persons will be included therein. This is all a matter of priorities.

  --RJM, www.geocities.com/thirstforjustice, thirstforjustice@yahoo.com


Quotes from  Jack McLamb of  Vampire Slayer I & II and Police and Military Against the New World Order identifying the innumerable references to the activity of  the Illuminati Banker Cartel::

Benjamin Disraeli, 1844, he made this statement. He was a Prime Minister of England, and he said, "The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined; by those who are behind the scenes."

Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of England, stated in 1922, he says, "From the days of Spartacus Wieskoff(?), Karl Marx, Trotsky, Bella Kuhn(?), Rosen Luxemborg(?) and Emma Goldman, this

world conspiracy..." -- Now who used that word, that the media laughs about all the time and pooh-poohs all the time? Listen to this: Winston Churchill used the word "conspiracy". He says, "...this world conspiracy has been steadily growing. This conspiracy played a definite, recognizable role in the tragedy of the French Revolution. It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the 19th century. And now, at last, this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hairs of their head and have become the undisputed masters of that enormous empire."

You see how much he told us in just one paragraph here? He knew about the conspiracy, in 1922, to rule the world. He also tells us -- which is true -- that the 1917 revolt, the Bolshevik revolution, was indeed part of the conspiracy, and it was well planned by people in America and in Europe! In other words, the communist government was built up for a reason by Americans --American internationalists and European internationalists. That's what Winston Churchill told us.

Now listen to this: One of our Supreme Court justices, Felix Frankfurter, said, "The real rulers in Washington are invisible and exercise power from behind the scene."

John Hyland(?), mayor of New York in 1825, said, "The real menace to our Republic is the invisible government which like a giant octopus has spread its slimy legs over our cities, states, and nation."

Franklin Delano Roosevelt -- now there's many, many quotes in here. I'll end with Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He said, in a letter to Colonel E. Mandell House in 1933 -- and this is in the [National] Archives, this letter to E. Mandell House -- he says, "The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the large centers has owned the government of the United States since the days of Andrew Jackson."

Thomas Jefferson said " Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of a day; but a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period, and pursued unalterably through every change of ministers (administrations), too plainly proves a deliberate, systematic plan of reducing us to slavery."
Alexander Hamilton in Federalist Paper #8 warned us of men with such dialectical programs: "The continual alarm on a state of continual danger will compel the people most attached to liberty to resort for security to institutions which have a tendency to destroy their civil and political rights. To be more safe, they (the People) become willing to risk their freedoms."

Now. So for any of you sitting in this audience, thinking this is not for real and we do not have a serious problem in the United States with conspirators that were named by Presidents, Prime Ministers, Supreme Court justices, and many others in this manual -- you're wrong! Because it's real, and we are fighting a real enemy. We're not fighting at windmills and ghosts and things like that, like the media today tries to make you think we are.

These type quotations could be presented on and on an on.