1. This document has been presented to the recipient thereof by Robert J. More, whose objective in presenting it has been to seek an endorsement for deputization from _____________________.



2. The basis upon which Robert J. More, (“RJM”)has sought this particular endorsement has been in so far as such basis regards the record of conduct of RJM,  RJM’s conduct in the conducting of the activity he has conducted in _____________________; and in so far as it regards problems external to RJM, upon the problems that God-fearing, burden-bearing common citizen  persons now so frequently encounter in the presently prevailing police state apparatus that is the societal model now in place in the United States of America at this juncture in its history, wherein such type citizens are customarily abused, afflicted and oppressed by government, attorney and corporate actors who use their more favorable positions in such apparatus to perpetrate and inflict upon such type burden-bearers malefactions, violence, and crimes that would not be inflictable were such apparatus not in place and these actors  and their victims in  respective positions in which physical force had to be overcome to accomplish such unacceptable, unjustified and in many cases just plain  iniquitous objectives.


3. The specific terms that the type of  deputization to which reference is made in this document would encompass, would be as follows: authority to carry concealed fire arms, to effect detentions and arrests as the deputized would see fit in a given case, to confiscate and/or destroy property as the deputized would see fit in a given case, to effect service of  civil and criminal process, to adjudicate civil disputes involving the deputized on the deputized’s authority (though this is beyond the customary authority of  a deputy, the proponent of  this proposal would propose that the recipient of this document either commit to its support, as the document now exists, including this provision, or else, in the alternative,  provide a detailed explanation as to why such commitment would not be provided) and to otherwise accomplish the legitimate law enforcement purposes for which individuals are deputized.



4. Numerous documents are posted in the website of the DNRCPN at: regarding both sets of  issues to which reference has been included supra and contributions from any  quarter would be  welcome in regard to both the further illumination of  the factors involved in these problems and the solutions that might be available to correct the problems to which reference has been herein made.



WHEREFORE,  upon the request of  Robert J. More, residing at the time of  the presentation of  this document at: 2008 S. Blue Island, Chicago, IL, 60608, an endorsement of  the endeavors  of Robert J. More,  to obtain deputization is herein provided  upon the understanding that each term of  such type deputization as that to which reference has been made herein, will last solely during periods of  good behavior and for not longer than two years before being subjected  to reconsideration and either  renewal  or revocation depending on the record of  conduct of the deputized during such period of  time as would in a given case be under consideration.


_______________________________,             ________________________

Signature                                                          Date


Since, as the case may be, either a self-addressed, stamped envelope has been provided with the submission of  this document or a commitment by Robert J. More to return to obtain a copy of  this document has been conveyed, it is herein proposed that provision for the return of this document to Robert J. More  be made by the recipient upon whom it has been served.