Conditions that Would  have to be Present to Enable RJM to Refrain from Filing a Criminal Complaint or ____________,  Against ___________(based of course, upon the presumption that RJM could not in a conjectural scenario claim duress, hardship or necessity as exculpatory causes excusing, at any given juncture, the filing thereof): 1. the accomplishment of  compliance with all ascertainable requirements of  a given standard of compliance- accomplishment corresponding to the activity at issue by whatever entity or party would be, absent the compliance to  which reference has been herein made, the object of  the filing of  the complaint to which reference has herein been made, ( in other words, the party responsible for having evidently breached a duty  is the party against whom a complaint would be filed in a  conjectural case). 2. in the condition in which what can be identified to constitute compliance-accomplishment has not been accomplished & an unjust disposition of matters remains extant, the imputability of  what can be identified to constitute a preponderance of   the blame for the existence of such condition at the  given juncture under consideration, present,  to the culpable neglect of  an ascertainable duty to which RJM had been in the period under consideration, subject. If one of   these two conditions is not present, then by logical necessity, if after the condition that is necessarily present in the scenario in which one of  such two conditions is not present & an identification of  the condition(s) that in a given case would be present & those that would not be is brought to the attention of ----------, & no measures would be implemented in an adequately timely manner to eliminate unnacceptable conditions & replace them with acceptable ones, then in that case the condition consisting of  a duty breach of a duty prescribed either explicitly or implicitly by Title 18 of  the USC, chapter ---, imputable to ------, is present & the presence of  such condition upon RJM’s becoming aware of  the presence of  such condition compels the filing of ---------, on various bases, not the least important of which would be as a bet-hedging measure, ie as protection of  his claim against a conjectural future charge that might be brought against RJM’s claim on ------------, which is predicated upon all specimens of  conditions. This is the only formula, in howsoever many different formations it might be formulated, that is compatible with both the principle of non-contradiction & the principle of  responsibility &  corresponding culpability formally promulgated  in Canon 2200.2 of  the 1917 Roman Catholic Code of  Canon Law. In other words the formula that is mutually exclusive to it, that is entirely incompatible with it, that is that is contrary to it, that is that occupies the venn diagram category complementary  to it among the venn diagram universe present in this case is categorically untenable.