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Cook County Sheriff

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Statement of  Position of  Robert J. More (“RJM”) of 1/20/04, Regarding Various Matters Involving the Cook County Sheriff’s Department  (“CCSD”)

 Way back in November of 2000 or 2001, RJM wrote a long letter to Sheriff Sheahan regarding what RJM then understood to constitute the prevailing conditions in the Cook  County Jail, which was submitted to Deputy Renkas of  IAD. RJM has also written him regarding what would appear to constitute a scandalous endeavor to evade responsibility for the death of a Mr. J. Richmond (cf 270 F.3d, 430) – an issue of   profound importance not just in regard to the life that was lost in that  tragic incident, but in regard to the issue of  the presentation and preservation in  Cook County trial courts by litigants of  issues that would  eventually, in a given case, end up appealed.

RJM herein reaffirms,  as he has repeatedly explained, that the problem of  appellate courts not reviewing issues that litigants have raised in lawsuits and criminal proceedings and to a lesser extent that of the non-addressing, even in trial courts, of  issues raised in a given legal proceeding, is one that bears profound effects in lives of  individuals and the larger society.

The CCSD is inextricably involved in these matters in that trial court judges often endeavor to use deputies to force litigants and/or criminal defendants to depart from a  courtroom before a given party has succeeded in obtaining either a ruling on an objection or a refusal to rule thereon that can compel appellate court review of  the matter  then at  issue. Appellate courts then dismiss appeals on the claim that an adequate trial court record has not been created.

This is a major societal problem which many persons  from varying backgrounds have addressed  and which is discussed in among other places, the website of  the DNRCPN ( Any and all observations and/or suggestions as to how this problem can be resolved such that no injustice to any of  the stakeholders in the matters implicated therein, would result therefrom,  would be put to good use and would be much appreciated.

Another matter which RJM senses a need to address at this juncture is that of  RJM’s declared position in regard to both the issue of  the arrest of judges  and any arrest that might be attempted upon RJM.

RJM would propose that the Chief Policy Maker (“CPM”) for the CCSD  confirm under penalty of perjury  as soon as such confirmation can be provided to RJM that such party  has been informed of  RJM’s position in regard to these matters which is explicated as follows:

RJM has informed the Cook County Sheriff's Department  that he would never resist any arrest attempted upon him involving a court proceeding, but would  instead go limp for several reasons which cannot be listed here do to time constraints under which RJM must now continue to operate; and that he is not ever going to do anything that could possibly be construed to constitute an imminent threat of  physical harm to any judge or employee, nor to endeavor to arrest or have arrested any judge during any proceeding, regardless of  how many crimes might be committed in  a given proceeding and that if  this position should ever for any reason, change, that RJM would immediately provide notice of such type conjectural change prior to any such type change in position. (RJM note: These notifications are all either of  a type that are obligatory under applicable rules emanating from the moral law or would evidently facilitate the accomplishment of  legitimate objectives).

Signature_____________________________,  Date_____________. and  further, that:

If  RJM were ever to be arrested by any Cook County Sheriff, that such conjectural arrest would elicit the non-discretionary filing of  federal felony complaints, challenges to the presumption of  fitness to hold and exercise the authority of  a given office and civil claims for monetary damages and injunctive relief against anyone and everyone who in such conjectural scenario would be in any substantial measure responsible for such type arrest or interference with the exercise by RJM of  any constitutionally protected right to life, liberty or property. (This is so, because RJM cannot apprehend any situation in which he would violate any law so as to deserve to be arrested, but if RJM ever were to commit such type violation, then he would deserve to be arrested as  there  can be no tolerance of  double standards in Non-counterfeit Christianity).

Signature_____________________________, Date _____________. and further, that:

RJM would herein respectfully demand that Notice that RJM has presented such positions to the CCSD, be presented  to any and all subordinates of  the CPM in the CCSD who might ever be in any way involved in any detention or arrest of  RJM, all the way down to whatever deputy(ies) would ever be present in a courtroom in which RJM would be participating in proceedings.

Confirmation is herein provided under penalty of  perjury pursuant to 735 ILCS 5/1-109, that all such type relevant notifications have been provided to any and all relevant officials and/or deputies. (Maybe some organizational procedure would have to be implemented by which citizens concerned with these type issues could get their positions correlative thereto explained to members of a given law enforcement entity).

Signature ______________________________, Date _____________. and further, that:

RJM has herein provided notice to the CCSD and proposed that such notice be provided to all deputies and/or otherwise concerned individuals that the DNRCPN has initiated a program wherein it has committed resources to assisting any law enforcement official whose employment would  ever be terminated or who would otherwise be substantially punished  for refusing to obey an order that  it would be unjustified for a given individual  under the circumstances present in a given case to obey, to regain his or her position via civil proceedings and/or monetary damages for any injury unjustifiably caused,  and/or to assist in the  accomplishment of  the criminal prosecution of any person or party who would ever seek to accomplish the punishment of  an individual for refusing to obey an unjust and unjustified  order and that RJM reminds any reader of  this document that the importance of  the refusal of   individuals in law enforcement  to capitulate to the temptation to obey unjust orders and to otherwise disregard the contents of  oaths taken and duties assumed in a given position, to the welfare of  a constitutional republican form of  government cannot be overemphasized and that neither  on the other hand, can  the damage done to a given social order by individuals conducting  their activity in the roles of  law enforcement officers, according to a  “blind obedience” standard possibly be  overemphasized.

The following measures have been implemented in regard to this proposal_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

And further, that:

RJM herein objects to any expenditure of  public resources in regard to the provision of  security regarding any proceeding in which RJM ever participates that is beyond the measures implemented in regard to any anonymous member of  the public as RJM acknowledges an obligation to keep expenditures of public funds at the lowest feasible levels_______________________________.

And further, that:

Notice be taken by the CCSD that it is herein proposed that the legal basis according to which CCSD representatives order citizens to act  or to refrain from acting in a certain manner in various situations, be, in every case of  the issuance of  such type order, command or directive, in which the prospect of  the need for the utilization of physical force is not present, provided by such representative(s) to citizens whose interests are effected thereby at the time of  the issuance of  a given order,  for among other purposes that of  ensuring that citizens are not ever incurring restrictions on liberty or the exercise of  constitutionally protected rights that are not in fact authorized by law, and that so as to facilitate the accomplishment of  the important objectives compatible with the accomplishment of  such agenda, that CCSD representatives be required upon the proffering of  a reasonable proposal in regard thereto, to provide a legal explanation, either via the signing of  a document or the provision of  a verbal statement into a tape recorder, explaining why, in a given case, a CCSD representative is ordering a citizen to conduct his or her activity according to certain priorities, agendas, criteria and/or methods; and that a presentation of  the legal position of  the CCSD in this regard be presented to the author of  this document when time permits the accomplishment of  such objective, which certainly could not be more than 30 or at the most 60 days from the date of  the receipt of  this document by the CCSD. The CCSD acknowledges this proposal and responds as follows:________________________________.

RJ More is permitted to bring a tape recorder into (the Daley Center) (any County Courthouse) on any occasion until notified to the contrary  and to implement measures compatible with the accomplishment of the objective explicated supra in the paragraph immediately preceding this one________________________________.

For the following legitimate reasons, the CCSD will not permit any representative thereof to sign any document acknowledging the reception of  a document such as this one ___________________________________.










Certificate of  Reception of  Document  Titled: Statement of  Position of  Robert J. More (“RJM”) of 1/20/04, Regarding Various Matters Involving the Cook County Sheriff’s Department  (“CCSD”)


I certify under penalty of perjury that I did receive a copy of  the document enumerated supra on _____________________________, from a man claiming to be Robert J. More, who upon request provided identification to support the claim that he is Robert J. More,   in Room 704 of the Richard Daley Center at 50 W. Washington St., Chicago, IL 60602.



Certificate of  Reception of  Document  Titled: PROPOSED DEPUTIZATION DOCUMENT


I certify under penalty of perjury that I did receive a copy of  the document enumerated supra on _____________________________, from a man claiming to be Robert J. More, who upon request provided identification to support the claim that he is Robert J. More,   in Room 704 of the Richard Daley Center at 50 W. Washington St., Chicago, IL 60602.