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---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Robert More <>
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 2009 09:40:42 -0500
Subject: notice
To: "Thomas M. Dixon" <>

Updated First Notification re Email
The author of  the email (“author”) this notification accompanies
recognizes that any and every addressee thereof is moments away from
having to provide an accounting for  his or her activity in the
theatre of earthly existence. FTR, the author is MOST DEFINITELY NOT A
the infirmity inherited from the fallen human condition into which he
was conceived, has been added the consequences to his fallen intellect
and will,  over the course of  the activity he has conducted in the
entirety of his lifetime,  of whatever measure of  injury he has
incurred  by the sins he has committed and whatever culpability for
sins of omission  he has incurred. This email did not originate from
an angel or an innocent person, but from a penitent whose conscience
is not entirely comatose and who realizes that his conduct can
unjustifiably injure the prospects for eternal salvation of  those
whom such activity effects.  So that the author does not risk
unjustifiably injuring the prospects of any and all addressees thereof
procuring a final victory and a consumately happy ending from such
accounting and the activity which will have been assessed therein,
notice is herein provided that the author recognizes that the content
of this email may not be important enough to justify the reading
thereof by any given  addressee thereof and therefore would urge every
addressee thereof to NOT READ it, unless he or she would be morally
certain that reading it would not interfere with the fulfillment of
any "prior obligation in justice".
Any addressee of this email ("anyone") who would be interested in not
receiving emails of any type from RJM in the future, may simply click
the reply button on his email blotter and put the letters "UW" into
what would then constitute a response and then click "send". If the
reception of  emails from RJM would be unwelcome regarding some
matters, but not not unwelcome regarding others, the provision of  an
explication of the distinction between such two classes would be most
appreciated.  RJM  would be most grateful if anyone sending RJM a UW
would provide RJM an explanation  within 30 to 60 days explaining the
reasons therefore and whether there might be modifications which RJM
could make to eliminate whatever might have caused a given addressee
to send RJM a UW, and if there might be the possibility of  RJM's
making such modifications, an enumeration and explanation regarding
what such modifications might be. To those to whom RJM regularly sends
emails, RJM intends to send a "Customary Notification re Email" as
frequently as possible with such emails as would be sent, in which it
would be understood would be incorporated the entirety of the contents
of  the "First Notification re Email" by reference as if fully set
forth therein.
RJM begs recipients of  any email(s) from RJM NOT to send emails to
RJM except and unless the subject addressed therein would evidently,
based upon a  reasonably respectably substantial assessment of  the
evident importance and moral character thereof,  be directly related
to some area of RJM's moral liability, including but not limited to
opportunities for RJM and ISMA to contribute in the Macro-Scheme of
things to His Majesty Christus Rex'es  ultimate victory of good over
evil and the salvation of souls.
RJM – a person who never could  and cannot ever,  afford, any negative
balances/defraudments of  the Non-counterfeit Version of  the Roman
Catholic Church whether due to unreciprocated benefits  and/or
injuries incurred which would not have been  adequately remedied.
“If you knew how small was the number of  the saved, you would
literally die with grief. One here and one there, up and down the
world.” “It would be impossible for any true child of  Mary to ever be
lost.”St. Louis de Monfort
Last updated 4/3/09, Not to be revised before 3/25/09 – Feast of the

note - jbp has long known the risk of having anything to do with rjm
-if he is unwilling to fix what he broke,what choice do i have?