Subject: **IMPORTANT** Archive this please ~-> Re: "Docket" Starter Kit
RJM, Here again is the technical data for the website - a competent webmaster should be able to understand this technical data and guide you through the process.
 * Basically, the CPanel lets you access the files (upload and download as well as modify the HTML).
 * I have no idea what 'SQL' is, so I can not advise here -all the same, the technical data is below.
 * The FTP is a method of transferring large numbers of files very quickly.
AGAIN, I urge you to save copies of this email in several places:
# 1 - Printed out hard copies. PRINT OUT COPIES of THIS EMIAL HERE- "Just Do it !"
# 2 - Saved copies in your various web archives (e.g., Tripod, 777Host, and your emails) "Just Do it !"
# 3 - Mental copies -only savable through tore practice of the information. "Just Do it !"
PS: When making an HTML page from scratch, it is oft-times easier to create in on your computer's desktop, since any changes you edit into it are viewable immediately -and not hampered or slowed by connection to the Internet -plus the edit module is a lot of times more "user friendly." THEN, when you get the document the way you want it, you can upload it to your web space -and test it out to see if it needs tweaking or minor adjustments. -GWW
Welcome to your account details are:

Cpanel URL :
Cpanel Username (FTP/SQL): host7_4112146
Cpanel Password (FTP/SQL): anselm

MySQL Hostname:
MySQL Username (FTP/SQL): host7_4112146
MySQL Password (FTP/SQL): anselm

FTP Server:
FTP Username (FTP/SQL): host7_4112146
FTP Password (FTP/SQL): anselm

Website URL:
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i cannot find it - what date and what is the formula to get into the editing capacity component of the site?

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look at the PDF file I sent you a while back, and try to have a competent webmaster handy when doing so.
The docs ARE posted -but only in the archived Folder specified -not in order -you can make the docket now that I've got your template started

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tx -for right now -are the docs all posted? and how do i get into
777host as i failed yesterday aftr many eforts

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> RJM,
> _
> (
> _
> (
> I've got you started - now you master the art.
> Click all the  links (the buttons up to the top right and the file links in
> the  docket).
> PS:  I am trying to get you to learn to fish -not just get  a free fish for
> one day. On what page of the HTML book are you? You were on page  100 on
> about Oct. 04, 2009, according to your one voice mail.