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Subject: presently operative exam of conscience so u know
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Examination of  Conscience as 1/1/09 of  Anti-predator Classification
Candidate  (“ACC”) Robert J. More

Did I keep a record of  all time spent sleeping and present such
record to my accountability monitor (“present such …?”)
Did I keep a record of  all time spent resting and present such record
to my accountability monitor?
Did I keep a record of  all time spent talking on the phone and
present such record to my accountability monitor?
Did I keep a record of  all time spent talking in the presence of
others and present such record…?
Did I keep a record of  all time spent reading emails and present such
record to my accountability monitor?
Did I keep a record of  all time spent reading newspaper and/or
internet articles and present such record…?
Did I keep a timer set upon all instances in which I participated in
such activities?
Did I get my spiritual exercises performed the first thing in each new
day so that amap I was never in a position of  making decisions out of
either carnal resentment, a condition of  a conscience sullied with
the culpability of  having participated in what later appeared to
constitute excessively long conversations, matters involving some
evident measure of  curiosity and/or procrastination, the stimulation
of  my intellect or that of  pride in discovering some matter in which
I had been ignorant prior to the discovery thereof, or  the insecurity
that is caused by deviating from a code  of conduct which continually
requires one to confront and engage whatever fallen human nature is
predilected to avoid because of  any pain, requirement for exertion or
cost to pride and the aversion monotony, to being considered inferior
in whatever way, to the losses and  adversities and the  ultimate
bodily deterioration,  decay and death  which are an inevitable
consequence of the fallen human condition (excepting of  course  the
bodies of  those saints  whose bodies have been prevented from
decomposition by God’s grace), and the aversion to having to proceed
in various ventures without evident sources of human support and
against the opposition of  predators of  deceitful and ruthless
Did I make a note regarding things which it occurred to me  that it
might be that I ought to investigate  for any of a  various number of
possibly legitimate reasons, but which it occurred to me at a given
juncture, it might constitute a concession to cupidity or curiosity
or  the sloth which is at the basis of procrastination to investigate
at a given juncture at which such would have been encountered?
Did I promptly submit to my accountability monitor (“AM”)  a list of
such matters and wait for either his permission to conduct a
structured investigation of such matters in a given case and in every
case, or if such would not have been available in a given instance
imputable to whatever combination of  contributing factors, did I wait
until the attraction of  conducting such investigation was entirely
devoid of  any apparent prospective gratification of  any type of
carnal appetitite?
Did I require myself to stick to the  agendas  and timetables
established  at (a) periodic meeting(s) with my AM and/or in
discussion groups involving various persons endeavoring to make
contributions similar to those it would appear to me that I ought be
endeavoring to make in a given area at a given juncture, regarding
every matter not pre-designated by my AM ?
As often as necessary and at least three times a day (during meals),
did I require myself to remind  myself that  my person has been
targeted for eternal damnation by the most intelligent, cruel and
ruthless non-divine entity  who has ever existed, that the gates of
hell are wide open and that countless saints have held the opinion
that the number of  the saved is comparatively miniscule?
As often as necessary and at least three times a day (during meals),
did I require myself to remind  myself that  my person  has been
targeted for extermination by the Edomites  and Intimidated by the
Edomites Sycophants who do the bidding of  the devil in the theatre of
earthly existence (cf. Jn. 8:44, Apoc. 3:9 et al)?
Did I succeed in  avoiding speaking negatively about persons not
present in a given interaction, except unless and until some measure
of notice could have been provided to such person(s) of a given
conveyance, so that he or she could present his or her position in
regard thereto?
If  I deviated from the requirements of  #13 supra, did I provide such
notice as soon as I reasonably could have done so after  receiving
permission from any other participant in a given conveyance of my
intention to provide such notice postulating a given negative
Did I require myself to keep any conveyance of information conveyed to
me, that it occurred to me a given person might intend to have kept
confidential, confidential unless and until I would have received
permission to convey it to others?
Did I schedule into my agendas and timetables sufficient provision(s)
to ensure that no evident benefit to the prospects of my eternal
salvation  which I  would have ever received from the activity of
some other person, would not have remained not adequately reciprocated
according to ISMA’s no  evidently not adequately reciprocated, no
unjustified injury(ies) approach to the ongoing challenge of
associations with other human beings?
Did I require myself to convey to all of  those who sought my
assistance in any matter requiring more than a six or ten minute
single instance of assistance, that I would not participate in any
type provisions of  assistance, unless it would apparently be the case
that a.) a given person could reciprocate with benefits in monetary
compensation, in kind, or in a combination of  both to my own
endeavors to contribute to the accomplishment of  what I understood at
the time to constitute the mandate and mission of the Non-counterfeit
Roman Catholic Church  and that  a given person would  explicitly
commit to such type arrangement, or b.) an apparent debt of
consideration would have been owed by me to such person for such type
consideration received by me in the past from such person, that in
general the code of conduct upon which I require myself to conduct my
activity, especially in consideration of  the contents of  #’11 and 12
supra requires me to maintain at all times and in all circumstances an
arrangement of  “mutual avoidance/religious silence/avoidance of
particular friendships and familiarity of any type with all other
human persons without exception?
In consideration of  the fact that the pre-eminent requirement of  the
second of  the Two Great Commandments is to “do no harm to one’s
neighbor”  which practically requires one to conduct his or her
activity according to a standard of  accountability which results in
no unjustified injury  attributable to either one’s affirmative acts
or his or her omissions, abstentions, avoidances, leaving of
situations and/or arrangements unaddressed and/or uncorrected and/or
not considered, to the prospects of eternal salvation of  anyone
(excluding absolutely no one in this term) who at a given juncture
would be conducting activity in the theatre of earthly existence or
anyone (same qualification as that included herein supra) who would
end up conducting activity herein at any juncture in the future, in
any and all matters in which I would have ever been involved, in which
I understood that my ignorance and/or incapacity might result in some
greater than de minimis injury, adverse consequence(s) and/or cost to
what would have appeared to me at a given juncture to constitute the
prospects of eternal salvation of  some other person(s) did I require
myself to a.)  convey information with adequate clarity to inform such
other(s) of  my concerns in this regard and ensure that no one would
rely upon me for any assistance which I could not actually provide,
and to refrain from providing a given measure of
consideration/assistance unless and until I would have received a
confirmation of  whomever it might be who might be seeking my
assistance in a given matter that he or she had been informed of my
limited knowledge and capacity in a given area of  knowledge/sphere of
activity, such that he or she might decide to seek assistance and
consideration in a given matter, from someone evidently more capable
than I would have been at a given juncture to provide such according
to a standard at which such person would not be unjustifiably injured
by any endeavors in which I might participate in order to provide such
type assistance and/or consideration?
Did I require myself at all times to both refrain from executing any
act which might induce anyone to maintain any hope for  the
procurement of  eternal salvation outside of the NRCC and from
consciously exaggerating my own understanding of  the difficulty of
accomplishing such objective?
Did I maintain adequate provision in my code of  conduct for
rectifying the consequences of  any deviation  therefrom and/or
failure in the  provision of  any contribution which it would ever
occur to me I ought to have provided to the accomplishment of  the
mission of  the mandate according to which the NRCC was established
and/or for at least performing whatever  penance(s) and/or expiatory
exercises it would evidently be necessary to perform in order to
contribute to the rebalancing of  the scales of justice, which any
deviations and/or failures attributable to me might have caused to
become balanced worse than such would have been balanced in the
absence of my own activity?
Did I unrelentingly require myself to seek and embrace with as much
will and affection as I could muster in a given instance, the
constituent components of  what I understand to constitute that to
which reference was made by His Majesty as the chalice in His
discussion with the mother of James and John regarding her question as
to what position  her sons would be granted in heaven (Matt. 22:20),
restricting  the  objectives of  my pursuits solely to more monotony,
inferiority, anonymity, physical pain, spiritual desolation and the
sense of  having been abandoned, deprivation of  any and all
gratifications of  any and every  type as the most dreadfully
dangerous hazards to my prospects for eternal salvation which they so
indisputably are, and opportunities to re-commence the most strenuous
and demanding  exertions to which I can apply whatever capacities,
howsoever lamentably meager, of body and soul I still possess, all
ordered to  the ever-deeper purging which I so desperately need in
order to expiate  the temporal punishment due for my sins and excavate
the area in my soul in which sanctifying grace can abide and operate
should for whatever reason His Majesty pity me to permit me to possess
such inestimably valuable a gift?
Did I make available to public officials any and all records of  the
activity referenced herein supra, in such situations in which no
evident compromise of  security, betrayal of  any confidence nor
conferral of  any unjustified benefit from such type conveyance could
result to God’s enemies,  after having conducted appropriate
discussions with my AM and others possessing concerns similar to those
I possess, so that acceptably accurate determinations could be made
regarding whether adequate diligence would have been demonstrated by
me in any given endeavor to accomplish a given  objective relative to
any claim that any given adversary might posit that he or she would be
unjustifiably injured by having to provide any measure of
consideration which it would appear to me at any given juncture that I
would  be obliged to seek?
When I was deprived of  the sense of God’s approval and presence did I
require myself to remember  that the merciful need have no fear of
judgment (James 2:3), that charity covereth a multitude of  sins (
    ), that neither the devil nor those who do his bidding permit
themselves any respite from their predations, and that the only
non-illusory security  that can be procured in the theatre of earthly
is  to be procured in sacrifice and the commitment at any cost to
ascertain one’s moral liability in every aspect of one’s existence and
to do whatever would be necessary in a given case to ensure that such
moral liability would not be left not adequately covered?
When subject to the temptation of elation, did I require myself to
remember that the devil can appear as an angel of light,  that in
every second of  time, there are human beings  for whose salvation His
Majesty shed every last drop of  his precious blood who are suffering
the most painful  and ignominious of  pains of every imaginable type
who need assistance in the alleviation, amelioration and/or bearing of
those sufferings – above all the problem of  the possibility of
everlasting suffering – which is the basis of  all suffering as
nothing that is  potentially temporary could ever be intolerable, that
nothing temporary is  of any value except as it relates to that which
is eternal, that one can win innumerable battles, and still lose a
given war, that the gates of hell remain wide open prior to  one’s
death or Christ’s triumphant return,  and that just as in the life of
His Majesty, the crucifixion so soon followed the transfiguration,
that   I have never known elation not to soon pass into the past to be
replaced by trials and tribulations even more burdensome, painful and
afflicting than those I  have sometimes, barely survived in the past?
Did I require myself to  prioritize keeping all of  my activity out of
the perception of  other human beings, especially anything which might
possibly engender, howsoever unjustifiably in a given instance, any
measure of esteem in the estimation of others, instead always
endeavoring to do what would have to be done in a given instance to
ensure that any activity which could not be kept concealed, would be
revealed only in a manner in which it  would end up in the lowest
morally acceptable accessible estimation of  others according to the
example of  St. Theresa Redi’s understanding of   the scriptural
passage contained in Col. 3:3?
Did I likewise prioritize keeping such activity out of my own estimation?
Did I require myself to graciously, unobtrusively and  cheerfully
absorb the  evident adverse consequences to my prospects for eternal
salvation of the activity or the absence thereof  emanating from the
infirmity, incapacity, limitedness, inadvertence and/or invincible
ignorance of  others, always requiring myself to help bear the burdens
of  such?
Did I require myself to  the necessarily limited extent I was capable
of doing so, to constantly keep my own physical person between
predators and their intended victims, and refuse to ever permit such
intended victims to have to proceed without whatever measure of
protection, howsoever meager it might be in a given instance, my
running of interference between them and the predators who would seek
to injure them might possibly provide?
Did I constantly seek means by which I might enhance my capacity to
contribute to the provision of the consideration which St. Peter and
his legitimate successors were directed to provide, to which reference
is made in Jn. 21:15?
Did I require myself to continue to conduct activity between the
boundaries of expecting to find out at my AA that my record of
activity was not good enough to merit purgatory, but refusing to
consent to any temptations of  despair due to the fact that I simply
may have not adequately understood the difficulty of what I was up
against and may have lacked adequate understanding of  factors which
mitigated or at least partially excused my culpability for my
embarrassing and shameful record against the monstrous evils of the
period in which I was conducting activity in the theatre of earthly
At every juncture, did I demonstrate an evidently adequate commitment
to jettison my own agenda in regard to the accomplishment of a given
objective, in order to join the project of  someone else who evidently
possessed a plan more likely to succeed in the accomplishment of a
given objective, without, in so doing leaving any justified reliance
interest that might have accrued to anyone based upon any prior
activity of mine,  not adequately accommodated?
Upon the reception of permission of  my AM  did I make all or parts of
this E of C available to others who might be adversely effected by my
activity so that such persons might provide assessments of my
activity, observations in regard thereto and petitions that  I  be
required to make restitution for any unjustified injury in fact ever
caused by my activity, whether consisting of  affirmative  acts  or
measures left unimplemented and/or acts left unexecuted?
What penances, pains and/or afflictions did I inflict on myself for
EACH AND EVERY violation of  the code of conduct for which I am
responsible in the past (day)(week)(month)(year)?
Do  I yet lack the continuous cognizance that my competition is
undoubtedly getting even father ahead of me than they already are with
each passing moment?
So as to avoid incurring any culpability for any sin of  omission in
not contributing enough to the accomplishment of the objective of
ensuring that  exercises of government authority are not exercised
outside of  the limits of  what would be objectively acceptable in a
given instance, did I require myself to present a demand that whatever
government official would ever receive any document from me, sign a
proposed verified statement confirming that he or she would have read
or not read every word in any document ever presented by me to any
such official?
Did I seek and to the extent of  my capacity in a given instance,
procure, confirmations of  futility and such-like in order to prevent
anyone from ever prevailing upon a claim that any claim to
consideration which RJM would have ever posited would have been
waived, forfeited or relinquished due to its not having been
adequately preserved and protected from the positing of  such type
So that  the interests of  the Holy Roman Catholic Church would not be
injured by any association in any persons mind of my wretchedness with
its indescribable magnificence and dignity, did I include necessary
disclaimers in any conveyance in which I quoted any papal statement,
conciliar document, postulation of a given saint and/or scriptural
Did I refrain from participating in any discussion of  religion longer
than 60 seconds other than to refer any person  with whom I might have
ended up in such type discussion to Volume 4 of  the magazine “The
Voice Crying in the Wilderness” and the book  Outside the Catholic
Church There is Absolutely No Salvation, available on  the website of
MHFM, the Papal Bull Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio,  the internet online
available books The Catholic Dogma and  The Apostolic Digest
(including disclaimers regarding the conveyance of  anti-popes
contained therein) and the sermon “The Doctrine of the Fewness of  the
At all times and in all circumstances, did I continue without
interruption to endeavor to rebuild the porthole  through which
sanctifying grace can be  irrecoverably lost, which is continuously
being dismantled by the devil’s activity upon my fallen human nature?
In each and every conflict in which I ever would have ended up,
howsoever lamentably involved, in a society as replete with predators
as deceitful and ruthless as are those by which this society is
plagued, which conflict would be beyond a de minimis matter, did I
bear  evidently adequate witness to the only legitimate position  in
regard to conflict resolution – ie that no injustice rectification
project could ever be considered minimally acceptable which is not
proceeding up a continuum of  force?
Did I require myself to recollect on a regular basis but at least
three times a day that in regard to the use of  force for injustice
rectification purposes that the culpability for a mortal sin can be
incurred both for using force according to a standard which would
render it in the balance of competing considerations relevant to a
given utilization of  force, unjustified, and for the omission of  the
use of force for such purposes in circumstances in which the evil
which would foreseeably result from the abstention of the use of force
would be greater than whatever evil would forseeably result from a
given utilization of  force?
Did I require myself to recollect on a regular basis but at least
three times a day that  it is both the case that there is nothing I
could ever do which would ever  be important  enough that it would
ever even draw the attention of even the least holy member of  the
Ecclesia Triumphans, except that the saints are too concerned for the
members of  the Ecclesia Militans not to endeavor to assist the
members thereof, even the most lowly thereamongst – ie myself   and
that if it is to be, then it is up to me – that it is not the case
that some meritorious act and/or sacrifice I might make might not be
the deciding factor in the salvation or perdition of a given
Did I provide everyone involved in a given conflict in which I would
ever be involved  that the code of conduct according to which I  am
presently bound to conduct whatever activity I would ever conduct
requires me to conduct such according to a foregone conclusion/worst
case scenario agenda, since there is no competent evidence in regard
to which RJM is cognizant that there is any realistic prospect of  any
conflict involving any anti-predator not appearing  to be more
formidable than RJM  appears to be (“ANAMFRA”) ,  ever procuring any
acceptable measure of consideration in any  court operative in this
country at this juncture in its continued descent into an ever deeper
barbarity, other than in the handful of  trial courts in which in a
given case,  an anti-predator,  a break-even or a predator who would
fear the  foreseeable consequences of   a  successful perpetration of
a defraudment of  an ANAMFRA  would preside, and that RJM intends no
insult to any anti-predator or break-even in conducting activity
according to such agenda but that the purpose of  RJM’s proceeding
according to such agenda is so that  no one could ever retain both a
claim to participate in the utilization of  force in opposition to any
endeavor in which RJM would ever be involved and to not have force,
not excluding lethal force in a  given lamentable worst case scenario
utilized against him or her by RJM et al in order to prevent any
unjustified interference with any given property confiscation and/or
destruction project which would ever be executed pursuant to the
mandate of  Magna Charta Clause 61 (“MMC61”) , from preventing the
success of  any given injustice-rectification project ever executed
according to the MMC61.
Did I procure or at least demand in each and every legal conflict in
which I would ever be involved both that the tribunal presider(s) and
all adversaries therein  would sign a confirmation of  reception of
notice of  the intentions and purposes of RJM in regard to  RJM’s
participation in any tribunal conducting activity in a
political/economic/social arrangement in which ten Edomite banking
families control the money supply thereof that it is neither the
expectation nor intention of  RJM to procure any consideration due RJM
and via RJM’s membership in the NRCC, the NRCC in any proceeding, but
rather that it is RJM’s intention and purpose in any participation
therein to retain a claim to participate in the use of what would
constitute the non-excessive and not-otherwise unjustified use of
force (“NNUUF”)  to ensure that a sufficient  amount of property
(including liquid assets) would not remain not confiscated and/or
destroyed such that the interests of the NRCC would not remain not
adequately accommodated in regard to the matters concerned in a given
conflict and that any acceptable resolution of a given dispute in any
court ultimately controlled by the Edomite Supremacist Movement (which
would include all courts within the U.S. at this juncture in history)
would be solely the  beneficial consequence of  the approach to the
matters concerned described herein.
On a monthly basis did I seek and procure the approval of  my present
accountability monitor (“AM”) regarding the content of this
examination and remit to him a written report in regard hereto and
refuse to deviate from the code of conduct postulated herein, except
and until and unless express permission from such AM would have been
Did I, on a periodic basis  - the exact parameters of which would have
been established by my AM, offer “sponsorship of  various forms” to
(an) individual(s)  and/or groups who would commit to  the commitment
of  requiring themselves to conduct his, her, their activity according
to either the standard explicated herein or a more severe and
appropriately sophisticated standard?
Did I provide periodic notice to others  either evidently deserving of
the Anti-predator classification or break-evens who might be
participating in a given project  the success of  which might provide
evidently enough protection to the interests of  the  NRCC that my
participation therein might be justified, of my availability and
willingness to transfer support of any and all   projects in which I
would have ever been  involved to join other projects  in regard to
which the prospects of  an outcome  appearing to be more promising
than whatever prospects would correspond to projects in which I might
ever be engaged  under terms and conditions which would not leave any
justified reliance interest not adequately accommodated?
Did I inform adversaries that if  I were to be presented with any
alleged evidence that any canonized saint ever conducted his or her
activity according to the priorities, points of reference, criteria,
agenda(s), standards and/or methods according to which a  given
adversary would have explicitly and/or implicitly  proposed that I
conduct my activity in regard to a given matter, in regard to which
there had never been any apology nor expression of  regret nor remorse
ever postulated by a given saint who would be the subject of such
type assertion, and in regard to which there would not have been any
disclaimers and/or reservations postulated in the canonization
process, that I would consider such evidence in regard to any claim
which such evidence would allegedly support and if  convinced that
such  conjectural evidence did support the claim which any adversary
would assert that it did support, adopt the strategy which a given
saint would have adopted, provided there would not have been any
development in the teaching of  the Non-counterfeit Magisterium  of
the Roman Catholic Church subsequent to the entrance into eternity of
a given such type saint  (“subject saint”) which would evidently
render reliance on the strategy according to which the subject saint
not evidently justifiable.
Did I periodically inform others who might have predicated activity
upon the availability of  my assistance  in any matter of  my
priorities as articulated in para #47 supra, so that any provisions
necessary in the event of my departure might be made so that it would
not catch them unprepared therefore?
Did I remember that howsoever afflicting, distressing  and damaging to
my prospects of  eternal salvation a given individual’s activity might
be to me in a given instance and/or on an ongoing basis  that such
individual not only could be the “juror in some future proceeding who
could prevent my conviction in still another bogus criminal
prosecution beyond the three to which I have already been subjected,
but might be a soul whose eventual conversion might be contingent upon
my sacrifice(s) and in turn whose own sacrifices subsequent to a
legitimate conversion, might be the deciding factor in my own eternal
Lastly, for now, did I keep St. Paul’s warning that “each will be
repaid according to his works” (1 Cor. 3:8) always in my mind?