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Whereas the supereminent priority of anyone committed to continuing to conduct his or her activity so as to accomplish the objective of avoiding spending eternity in hell must necessarily be to ceaselessly endeavor to ascertain, acknowledge & fulfill what can be identified to constitute the “duties of care” which he or she owes first to God & concommittantly & coordinately to other human persons, & whereas concommittantly with the obligation to obtain a valid water baptism is the obligation to accept, adhere to & to publicly bear witness to, the entirety of the Non-counterfeit Deposit of Divine Positive Revelation as it has been interpreted, preserved, defined, & its applications to arrangements of facts & developments, proposed, propounded & promulgated for twenty centuries through the Non-counterfeit Magisterium of the Non-counterfeit Roman Catholic Church, & whereas if these first two duties of care are not adequately discharged, it will not matter whatever else any probationary earthly pilgrim/petitioner for relief from eternal pains & entrance into purgatory or heaven, has done, not neglected to do, refrained from &/or avoided doing; RJM in order to attempt to fulfill the affirmative duty imposed upon him by the moral law through the presumptively valid water baptism he has long ago received, herein provides public witness to the following solemnly defined magisterially statements: Pope Innocent III Lateran Council IV (AD 1215) “One indeed is the universal Church of the faithful, outside which no one at all is saved.” Unam Sanctam Papal Bull of Pope Boniface VIII, 1302 “We are compelled, our faith urging us, to believe and to hold—and we do firmly believe and simply confess—that there is one holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, outside of which there is neither salvation nor remission of sins.” "Cantata Domino" (1441), Pope Eugene IV infallibly defines for all time: “The Holy Roman Church firmly believes, professes and teaches that none of those who are not within the Catholic Church, not only Pagans, but Jews, heretics and schismatics, can ever be partakers of eternal life, but are to go into the eternal fire 'prepared for the devil and his angels" (Mat.25:41), unless before the close of their lives they shall have entered into that Church; also that the unity of the Ecclesiastical body is such that the Church's Sacraments avail only those abiding in that Church... moreover, that no one, no matter what alms he may have given, not even if he were to shed his blood for Christ's sake, can he be saved unless he abide in the bosom and unity of the Catholic Church.” Whereas to prevent the loss of one’s soul it is necessary that public testimony to one’s acceptance of & adherence to the entirety of the Non-counterfeit Roman Catholic Faith be provided (Mt. 10:32), RJM senses no need to explain the provision of this declaration in the presentation in which it is included to any human person, but acknowledging that there was no need to add any explanation for including the information included supra in the presentation in which it has herein been included or in any other presentation for that matter, RJM, for the sake of accomplishing various legitimate purposes including that of “trying to do right not only in the sight of God, but of men (cf Pr. 3:4, 2 Cor. 8:22)”, herein adds the further acknowledgment, that the claim that if one is not committed to fulfilling the supereminent duties of bearing witness to these truths, there is no basis upon which to presume that he or she is committed to fulfilling any other duty of care, is in fact, incontrovertible, & so RJM did not see how he could justify not including this testimony in the presentation of which it is a part, since its very inclusion is indicative of the presence of a commitment in him to fulfill all duties of care owed to anyone & everyone, which it cannot be claimed would be present in the presentation of someone who would not acknowledge the duties of care identified herein. If nothing else, this declaration has hopefully accomplished the objective of having enabled RJM to, for the time being at least, have kept his “cause”, “distinguished from that of the nation which is not righteous (Ps. 43:1).” The U.S. of A. is certainly such a nation at this juncture in history. Any Luciferian lackey lemming that presumes that any member of the DNRCPN is just going to knock at the knees &/or roll over & die at Lucifer’s feet is seriously deluded.