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 PROFILES IN TERROR - Roster of Despotic, Authority-abusing, Antinomian, Machiavellian, Violence-perpetrating, Cannibalistic, Presumptive &/or Actual Felons & Enemies of the "The Rule of Law", the U.S. of America & of Civilization Itself & of Every Sacred Principle Upon Which the Basis for Such Abides and Record of Documents Produced in Interactions of Various Sorts with these Specimens & of Bounties Which Have Been Put up for Successful Criminal Prosecution &/or Revocation of Authority &/or Removal from Office, &/or Siezure of Compensation & Benefits Package &/or Siezure of Assets Corresponding to the Persons & Entities to Whom Such Bounties Have Been Affixed (see Category No. 17 in this Site.




The following is a short list of individuals whom have conducted activity in regard to which RJM is cognizant according to the "Reign of Terror Standard" as distinct from & contrary to the "Rule of Law Standard" (the distinction between the two is articulated in Chapter No. 17 of this site), many of whom will have or have had criminal complaints filed against them, bounties affixed to various entities that regard them, & or other measures implemented to counteract their malice & some of whom will be profiled in considerable detail at a later juncture. In other words, this is a roster of specimens whose conduct has rendered it necessary to classify them as "Representatives of the Talmudic Reign of Terror" so that RJM would not incur complicity in their sins (Prov. 42:1, 1 Tim. 5:22, Eph. 5:8, et al): Chicago IL based Attorney Floyd Babbitt, Chicago IL based Attorney Donald Brown, Chicago IL based Attorney Richard Bruen, "United States President" George W. Bush (responsible for torturer and murder of Teresa Schiavo, the brutality and cruelty perpetrated upon tens of thousands of non-combatant Iraquis, and evidently on behalf of the Rotshchilds et al, the murder of 3000 non-combatants on American soil on 9/11/2001), Vice President R. Cheney, Chicago IL based Attorney Sheryll Allenson, Insolent Edomite Sow (IES) Cook County Circuit Court Judge J. Casciato (no where near as bad as most on this list, but has proved himself not to be a Non-Rolph & definitely unfit for judicial office), Chicago IL based Attorney Michael Collins, Chicago IL based Attorney Arthur Sternberg, Chicago IL based Attorneys James Pranger & Michael Ripani (Chuhak & Tecson), Illinois Appellate Court Judges Shelvin LM Hall, David Cerda, Warren NW GH? Chicago IL based Attorneys Lisa Lopatka, Catherine Voght, John Relias, & Michael Warner Jr., Chicago Police Officer Glenn Dvorsky, Chicago IL based Attorney Charles Harper, Chicago Police Officer M. Hammond, Chicago Police Officer Marto, Chicago Police Dept. Detective James Adams, Chicago Police Dept Lt. Dahlberg, Chicago Police Dept. Sgt Keane, Chicago Police Dept Sgt. DeYoung, Cook County State’s Attorney Richard Devine, - based upon a presumption of the accomplishment of service of documents. (His customary conduct is unalloyed Reign of Terror, whatever his culpability in a given case). Chicago Police Officer Huerta, Asst. Cook County State’s Attorney Jennifer (“Jenni”) Sheck EIS, Asst. Cook County State’s Attorney Karin Swanson, Asst. Cook County State’s Attorney Brandi King, Cook County Circuit Court Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman, Asst. Cook County State’s Attorney Jane Doe, Cook County Circuit Court Judge Ronald Davis, Cook County Circuit Court Judge Sheldon Garber, Cook County Circuit Court Judge Phillip Bronstien, Cook County Circuit Court Judge Robert Gordon, Cook County Circuit Court Judge Katheen McGurvey, Cook County Circuit Court Judge Joan Pucillo, Cook County Circuit Court Judge Allen Goldberg, Cook County Circuit Court Judge James Jorzak, Cook County Circuit Court Judge James McCarthy, Cook County Circuit Court Judge Mary Mulhern (Insolent Edomite Sow), Cook County Circuit Court Judge Walter Williams, Cook County Circuit Court Judge Edward Antonietti, Cook County Circuit Court Judge Lambros Kubitis, Cook County Circuit Court Judge Alexander White, Cook County Circuit Court Judge Marvin Luckman, Former Chief Cook County Circuit Court Judge Donald O’Connell, Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Richard Posner, Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Diane Wood (Insolent Edomite Sow), U.S. District Court Judge David Coar, U.S. District Court Judge William Hart, U.S. District Court Judge Joan Gottschall, U.S. Magistrate Judge Arlander Keys, US District Court Judge Joan Lefkow, US District Court Judge Charles "Little Cockroach" Kocoras, US District Court Judge James Holderman, US District Court Judge J. Guzman, US District Court Judge M. Filip, U.S. District Court Judge Rebecca Pallmeyer, Chicago IL based Attorney Thomas Carney, Berwyn IL based Attorney John Toman, North Riverside Police Officer Frank Schmalze, R&L Carriers Chicago IL, Terminal Manager Todd Smith, Chicago IL based business persons Frank Espinoza, & John Tautkus. Chicago IL based business person Nate Williams, State of IL employees William Naurich, Celeste Haley (IDES), State of IL employees Margaret Faust, & Valerie Puccini (IDOL), State of IL employees Claudia Manley, & Mary Nagy (IDOL), Occupational Safety & Health Representatives Roy Reese, Gary Anderson, Diane Turk, OALJ Judge John Holmes, USDOL Officials Cynthi Atwood & David Beverly,. All Chicago Police Dept. & City of Chicago Employees involved in the towing of RJM’s car in November of 1998. R&L Carriers Employee Frank Sheldon, Pennsylvania State Trooper Mark Hogan, Pennsylvania State Trooper David Bivens, Indiana Motor Vehicle Inspector Shirley Newton, Lugo Hotel Chicago Landlord Charles ("The Cockroach" ) Lablanc, Attorney Robert Boron, Attorney Robert Harlib, Cook County Sheriff's Deputy G. Burke, City of Chicago Police Officer Sepaganic, City of Chicago Police Sgt Pontificore, President of the Police Board of the City of Chicago Mr. D Carney, Associate Board Member of the Police Board of the City of Chicago Mr. S. Davis, All Chicago Police Dept. & City of Chicago Employees involved in the several entirely fraudulent & feloniously issued, parking tickets issued to any car that RJM was at any given juncture driving over the past 4 & ½ years. Partial list of individuals, who have at any juncture in the past five years resided or operated in the territorial area in the State of Illinois that is under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of IL, or conducted activity which has left them subject to the jurisdiction of such office, in regard to whose activities, Robert J. More, cannot in presumptive good faith continue to refrain from providing notice, based upon information & belief, that there exists, according to the understanding of criminal law possessed by RJM, presumptively felonious criminal liability on various grounds in some particular elements &/or implementations of such activities, & in violation of various promulgated criminal statutes included in the officially promulgated United States Code regarding activity conducted from the period of March of 1998 until _________________ 8/29/02. North Riverside Police Chief Krativil, North Riverside Village Manager Wayne Pezak, Illinois State Senator John Cullerton, Chicago IL based Attorney John Green, All managing partners at the Querry & Harrow Law Firm, All managing partners at the Fagel & Haber Law Firm, J.B. Hunt President Kirk Thompson, J.B. Hunt Vice President Craig Harper, R&L Carriers President Ralph Roberts, R&L Carriers Vice President Michael Murray, Chicago IL based Attorney James Franczyk, Various other John & Jane Does representing the Chicago Police Department, whose names for now remain unknown. Every individual included in the lists included supra, has demonstrated a measure of pertinacity in his or her conduct, which has left RJM without any choice except to include each name enumerated supra, if he hopes to retain any claim to have accomplished compliance with the identifiable requirements of God’s law in the circumstances in various cases encountered. The following individuals are suspected by RJM to have committed federal felonies, but RJM lacks sufficient information to definitively include them in either of the two lists included supra. Guadalupe Lugo. Chicago Police Officer Males

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