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A Short List of Causes for Hope & the Persons Whose Activity has Engendered Such Causes [defined alternatively as: "Profiles of The Candidates for the Distinction of 'The Person's Whose Activity the (select your entry for the blank)______________, Can Evidently Least Afford to Lose'."



In Alphabetical Order, Special Acknowledgments of Superior Performance in the Fulfillment of Duties &/or Demonstrations of Conspicuous Concern for the Protection &/or Restoration of Sacred Principles Such as For Example, an Abhorrence of - Heavy-handedness,Double Standards, Respect of Persons (Acts 10:34), Capitulation, Opportunism, Indifference to the Consequences to Others - Especially the Innocent & Most Vulnerable - of One's Activity,& Just Simple Going the Extra Mile "Gratuitously" Etc. Etc., Along with References to the Positions in Which Such Demonstrations Have Been Provided are Herein Accorded the Following Persons & Parties. The enumeration contained herein of persons who have performed works that are meritorious according to various standards of merit that have been recognized as such throughout human history, ought not be confused with any claim that anyone can possess sanctifying grace - the "sine qua non" requirement for eternal salvation - as a member of any religion other than Non-counterfeit Roman Catholicism, no matter how much apparent &/or actual natural beneficience he or she has demonstrated in his or her activity in the theatre of earthly existence, as it simply is not possible for anyone to possess the sanctifying grace necessary to obtain eternal salvation, unless he or she converts to Non-counterfeit Catholicism, in all that such-type conversion entails, which is the only means by which to accomplish the acquisition of such grace for all those who have participated in any false religion which group necessarily includes all those who have culpably neglected to participate in the only true religion - Roman Catholicism.

USPO Dir. Barrerra, USDC Anita Baugaurd, Patricia Bradway BCSCC & Dorie & Jessie-Subordinates, 7th C.C.A. Clerk C. Branch, CCSD Sgt. Buckner, FL Gov. J. Bush & FL House Speaker J. Byrd (both for saving Terri), Andrew Doe, John Doe& Whole Clerk's Office, CCSDD Boyke,IDES Att. Jesse Castillo, CCSDD Jesse Doe, CPDO John Doe, USPO Carrier Brown, USPO Attds. Lela Doe, Michael Doe & Darren Doe, CCLL Montel Davenport, CCCCC Joan Dreeson, CCCC Judge R. Elrod, CCLL J. Epstein, CCSD Flaherty, Librarian-M. Giangreni, CPL Lozano Branch Head Librarian Hector Hernandez, 7th Circuit C.A. Librarian Barry Herbert, USPO Clerk Darren Hollis, CCCC Clerk Bruce Griebahn, USDC Clerk C. Hosely, USDC Clerk R. Johnson, USDC Clerk G. Jones, USPO Clerk Lela Laurent, USDC Clerk C. Lavizzo, USDC Clerk S. Lenburg, First Dist. IL App. Ct. Clerks. J. Locasey, MaryAnn Doe, CPDD Joseph Luscero, EEOC Rep. D. Marvin, CCSD Dep. J. McCarthy, CCCC Judge Susan McDunn, EEOC Rep. D McGuire, Michael McIntyre, CPDD Horace Miller, CPDO J. Nakutis , CCCCC Niebauer, EEOC Rep. W. Nedoss, BCSC SecretaryPamela Nilsen, CCCCC Margaret O'Donnell, USDC Clerk B. Ott, Roberto Pang-MM, Ill. App. Ct. Clerk Steven Ravid, CCSD Rubin, Librarian-Joseph Stein, BCSC Law Clerk D. Strick, CCSD Lt. Strissel, CCLL D. Tennenbaum , CCSDD W. Toomey, USDC Clerk E.Ventura, CCCC Judge J. Ward, CCCCC N Ward, BCSC Clerk Victor Zarelli