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Welcome to the "Thirst For Justice" (cf. Mt 5:6, Lk 6:21)
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[Note: This webpage is scheduled be replaced by a superceding component whereof between the Feast of the Ascension and Pentacost Sunday of 2011, since it has not been updated in over seven years.]

Cf: Genesis 18:19, Psalm 82:3, Proverbs 31:3, Matthew 5:6, Mark 2:17, Luke 6:21, John 7:37, Revelation 19:8-11: From GENESIS to APOCALYPSE, Jesus wants us to hunger and thirst for righteous JUSTICE -and to act on it, not just talk.

The first website, to which, the appellation "Roman Catholic" can, to the extent of its creator's knowledge of the internet's contents, justifiably, at least in terms of any & all dogmatic doctrinal positions contained herein (it is always possible to err in the application of moral principles to configurations of facts, in cases in which no violation of a negative precept of the natural law is manifest and matters have yet to be solemnly defined according to acceptable moral principles such as the Doctrine of the Double Effect, etc., etc. - obviously, not to imply that any matter could possibly be solemnly defined according to anything but acceptable moral principles), be affixed. This is a zero tolerance of any type of immodesty or of any unfair or uncorrected embellishment(s) website.

This is the website of the DNRCPN (Demonstratively Non-counterfeit Roman Catholic Protection Network) and it, like the Network itself, is dedicated to the accomplishment of the objective of shining the Light (John 1:5) of the Truth (John 14:6, 17:17, 18:37) on the activity of the cutthroats, cannibals vipers, and other assorted non-warmblooded and not non-venomous specimens who under the control of their Luciferian Master [the father of lies, he who was a murderer from the beginning (Jn 8:44)], at this treacherous and tragic juncture in the saga of salvation history (presumptively that period described in Matthew 24:14), maraud the theatre of earthly existence, almost without opposition, as does their father (1Pet 5:9); and in particular, who continue to especially ravage souls & the social order through the activity of the church that stands in the place in which The True and only Roman Catholic Church for so many centuries stood, and through the various branches of the U.S. government and so many political subdivisions thereof, at various levels, particularly in the legal system: and beyond exposing the activity of such iniquity-working malefactors and criminals, to the bring as many of them as possible to justice, or to bring justice to them; , & in so doing to help liberate those countless numbers still presently enslaved - whether by sin, &/or fear, &/or ignorance, &/or afflictions of any & every type, & to prevent preventable grief for such persons by endeavoring to ensure that neither sins that directly unjustifiably injure others, nor crimes committed in contravention of existing civil statutes, remain unpunished, as it is so incontrovertably true that when the guilty go unpunished, it is the innocent who in that condition of non-punishment of the guilty are actually punished, according to the proverbial adage, "Qui parcit nocentibus, innocentes punit" & to help each & all, if there be even the slightest scintilla of hope in a given case, to fulfill his or her true purpose in the larger scheme of things according to the ascertainable "will of God" before the arrival of that last defining moment, at which, to paraphrase the words of "The Apostle", "every knee, voluntarily or otherwise, will be bent at the name of Jesus" (Phil 2:10), and there will not be any tongue acclaiming anything, but that he is the "King of Kings", and the "Lord of Lords", to the glory of God the Father (Phil 2:11). But that glorious day is yet to come & it cannot be claimed that it will not be glorious, even for those who do not succeed in avoiding hell & who thus experience none of that glory, just because of who God is & the glory he deserves. For now, the DNRCPN, representing the preeminent progeny of the Non-counterfeit Roman Catholic Church in the temporal order/earthly theatre, which is of course "The Rule of Law" continues to combat what is Lucifer's preeminent progeny in the same order/theatre, which is of course, "The Reign of Terror" & it is this conflict between the two, which is the source of all that follows in this website, as this conflict constitutes so important a part of the larger competition over the salvation & perdition of souls, which in turn constitutes the unfolding story of human history on the battlefield of the earthly theatre. This website, consecrated through the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mother of God, to the Honor of His Majesty, Christ the King, will ever be under construction just as the "cases for salvation" of each of the DNRCPN's Members will likewise ever be, while each of them continues to labor, sacrifice & suffer in his or her respective temporary earthly tour of duty. Whether any particular individual realizes it or not, & whether any particular individual likes it or not, what it is that each & everyone is in, is a war, with the salvation & perdition of souls in the balance, & it is self-evidently a fact too obvious to even require acknowledgement thereof, that no one in a war survives, much less ultimately prevails, except he who fights carefully and discriminately, without on the other hand, sacrificing any earnestness and vigor by demonstrating what would constitute in a given instance, too great a solicitude for precision and detail- since fights are fights, and battles are battles, and wars are wars, not Sistine Chapel painting projects - and who thus, fights effectively.

[Addendum of 10/19/2010 - Note: the paragraph included herein immediately subsequent to the one in which this conveyance is contained was composed in a time period in which the original editor of this webpage was focused upon the accomplishment of the objective of getting Theresa Schiavo out of harm's way, was looking for others to spearhead the charge in this matter, and was otherwise in search of some type of silver bullet solution, were there one to be found, to what was then a gestating atrocity. This disclaimer having been included herein, the editor again herein acknowledges that he has used the material of such individuals to attack various evils over the past 20 years and is not ungrateful for any and all assistance ever received therefrom, and finally that he hopes any reader(s) of this postulation will never leave unconsidered whatever measure of benefit any given reader(s) (has) (have) received, even if indirectly from the activity of Militia fixtures Norm Olson, the MOM, J.J. Johnson and Greg Evensen among others in terms of the effect of the activity of such individuals in leaving in place disincentives to the the Beast's (SOS, Apoc. 2:9) predatory agenda, which thus far have still deterred the commencement of the final stage of the global genocide in progress - which of course would be a door-to-door confiscation of firearms, materials necessary to produce IED's and emergency supplies.]

First Superceding Donations format of 10/20/10

Any visitor to this webpage who would be convinced that he or she would have received any type of assistance and/or consideration from the activity of ISMA in general and/or any individual member of ISMA, whether direct or indirect, which it would not evidently be appropriate or in a given instance, more strongly - not evidently justified, to leave unreciprocated, and who would be convinced at a given juncture that no prior obligation in justice would be left unfulfilled and/or that there would not be a more worthy recipient of a given contribution of whatever type and measure which would be left unsupported via the remission of any type of contribution of assistance, would be welcome to remit any type of donation of any asset and/or consideration of any other type to:

1. ISMA AAA#4 P.O. Box 6926 Chicago, IL, 60680

2. ISMA Ransom the Captives Arrearages Amortization Fund Monitor ("IRAM")

A list of debts/reimbursements pledged and projects under construction presently needing funding may be procured upon the submission of a request therefore, according to the formula presently applicable in regard to such matter. We hope that our commitment to continue to fight the Beast (Apoc. 2:9) on behalf of all non-merciless and non-heartless activity conductors, including the commitment to ensure that it never pilfers one penny of anything ever donated deserves your confidence. The world has seen quite enough of "charities" making entirely unjustified concessions to its arrogations, usurpations and encroachments on the mandate instituted in Matt. 22:22. Should you not receive some type of confirmation of the reception and deposit and/or disbursement in regard to any given donation made, it is herein respectfully proposed that you transmit a request for confirmation thereof and if within 30 days of the submission of such, no such type confirmation would have been provided, it would be proposed that a Request for Investigation re Donated Entity form be completed and submitted. Those handling any assets ever transmitted to ISMA must indemnify a certain percentage of any asset remission ever facilitated.

First Priority Tuesday, October 13, 2015 update:
G.M.A.C. v. Richard Daniggelis, et al., 07 CH 29738
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Notice of Motion (PDF format)
Notice of Intervention by right, and, in the alternative, Petition for Intervention by Non-attorney, Robert J. More (*.html Webpage format)
Notice of Intervention by right, and, in the alternative, Petition for Intervention by Non-attorney, Robert J. More (PDF format)

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